Monday, 21 March 2011

Response From Insurance Company

The following is the translation into English of the email I received from the medical specialist at my insurance company (

"Procedurally a request has to be filed at the team foreign relations in Eindhoven which includes:
1) A referral to the US including reasoning by a Dutch gynaecologist in which is described why there is being referred, what the expectation of this consultation in the US will contribute medically to what is currently known.
2) a request from the specialist in the US describing the exact diagnostics and a quote on the costs.

"With this data the medical team will judge whether the request fits within the health insurance terms, considering effectiveness and medical necessity.
If there comes an agreement, only up to the Dutch fees can be paid. Experience with the US has shown that the fees in these places are about 5 times higher than in the Netherlands and that there will thus be a significant financial gap for the client.
Payments prior to the US are never made either, thus client will have to finance this too.

"A pragmatic solution within the existing health insurance for the client is to make an appointment with the UZ Gent, a well-known institute on this area. This hospital is covered by a contract and all she would need is a referral from her GP.

"There are no other options."

I guess this specialist didn't hear that this UZ Gent in Belgium is planning to make me wait until August before I even get to go there for an intake. Based on previous experiences, it will then take until far into next year before any examinations are performed and/or I'm kicked out because I'm a too difficult case to diagnose. This route only seems to lead to my demise, so I refuse to even consider it.

The only option now seems to be to borrow $1,500 from somewhere and/or someone's credit card so that at least this second opinion at John Hopkins can be carried out.

I'm very worried about the effects this has on my emotional stability. My PTSD is having a great time at the moment, with everything it knows about how the world works being confirmed, the wrongness of my existence rubbed in and the option of suicide offered to me by this voice inside my head so incredibly hard to ignore.

Please... help me...


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