Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Looking For Intersex People; How Hiding Hurts The Cause

Yesterday a journalist from the largest Norwegian newspaper (VG) contacted me, with the question of whether I knew of any intersex individuals in Norway who might be interested in participating in interviews for a feature article on intersex people in that country. I sadly had to tell her that I do not know any such individuals, but that I will be asking around. Yet even posting a request on this to over 17,000 people on my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts as well as the Facebook WISH group didn't seem to get me any results.

There are tens to hundreds of thousands of people in Norway who would qualify as 'intersex'. How is it possible that a journalist can not find any to interview? What's wrong about her then contacting me, a Dutch citizen, to ask for help? It seems pretty clear: despite there being so many intersex individuals and them not having many of the human rights others take for granted, they seem content with not sticking out their head. It's eerily reminiscent of how homosexual individuals 'didn't exist', until they finally grew a spine in the 1960s. No offense intended.

I know it's not easy to stand up and speak out when you represent a horrible social taboo. Whether it shatters the societal illusion that only heterosexuality is normal and anything else is a mental disease, or that the male/female binary is an absolute lie, kept going only through the mutilation of innocent infants to hide the truth, one can expect a backlash from those incapable of dealing with the truth. Yet the more stand up and speak their mind, the easier it gets for all of us. So please.

If you are in Norway and are intersex, or you happen to know someone who is Norwegian and is intersex, please let me know and I can bring you or that person into contact with the VG journalist.

Thank you!



Nicky said...

The only reason why Intersex people hide, is because they don't want to be classed or associated with transgender or transsexual people. Their are false assumptions that Intersex is somehow related to trans and some trans people are pushing for trans as some form of intersex. Which is why their are some intersex people who are in hiding because they don't want anything to do with trans and don't want to be associated with trans people.

That's why you see lots of intersex people who have intersex conditions not say intersex. That's because of trans people messing things up and making life very hard for intersex people to exist.

Maya Posch said...

Nicky, doesn't it make more sense if intersex people didn't hide and educate people? Why do we leave it to the transsexuals to inform people about their situation, leading 'regular' people to group us intersex with them as well?

The main issue I have experienced among the general public is that NOBODY KNOWS WHAT INTERSEX IS.

That's the problem, and that's why we need to speak up. That's why I have spoken up and am not backing down. We need to show ourselves, or we'll always be grouped with transgenders..

Nicky said...

That's the problem, we have transgender people running around claiming they are like us and trying to pass themselves as intersex people.

Which is why we we do come on scene, it's always an confusion for people because some in society don't know what Intersex is and when we try to explain it to them. They think it has something to do with being Trans. I think it's because Trans people have muddied the waters and confused people as to what is intersex and what is trans

Which is why Most intersex people hide because of fears of being classed or associated with the Trans. That's why people who have Klinefeltners, AIS, CAH or Kallmann's, don't say intersex. It's because they are afraid of being classed or associated with the trans. It's why Intersex is hard to be it's own because you have too many trans trying to claim intersex and mess it up for REAL Biological born Intersex people like You and I.

Maya Posch said...

And that's exactly why the public needs to be educated and the horribly medical protocols changed.

By hiding this impossible situation will remain forever. We need to stand up, raise our voices and make people heed us.

I have made countless people already realize what intersex is who beforehand would have put it under the same header as transgender. It's working. We just need to continue like this now.

As an aside, there are many intersex people who say they are transsexual. Now that one truly blows my mind, and makes the situation you describe far, far worse...

LMX said...

Remember that list of clinics in Norway I send to you? The only one that contacted me back was one that specialized in treatment of the intersex condition in infants. My guess is they still live in the presumption that a healthy, working body is something that needs to be operated on as soon as possible after birth. I don't like that conclusion, I hope I am wrong. I like Norway too much.

Anonymous said...

Nicky said: "The only reason why Intersex people hide...."

Nicky, intersex is a generic term representing a huge number of totally unrelated medical conditions (except Kallmann syndrome), that affect the development of the primary and/or secondary sexual characteristics. There is no single definition of what intersex is, but you're not intersex, that's a certainty!

I am convinced that many people don't want to be publicly known owing to the very personal nature of the medical conditions they're treated for, and your assumptions and hatreds have no place at all in the matter.

Anonymous said...

I know about men with Klinefelter's syndrome, which is not an intersex condition, but is a condition that affects their secondary sex characteristics.

For many years some men with Klinefelter's syndrome have tried to establish an Awareness Day/Week/Month which has never got of the ground as most men with Klinefelter's syndrome do not want to be publicly known. They have no interest at all in running programmes, or attending seminars, or talking on radio and TV, or making YouTube videos.

There are a few men treated for Klinefelter's syndrome who do make themselves publicly known, who would have to take control of any group supporting awareness type events, but they're very few in number, and generally get burnt out whilst waiting for the assistance of their affected peers.

Maya Posch said...

Silicone (AKA Stephen Tucker), Klinefelter is an intersex condition exactly because it affects the development of the sexual characteristics of the body.

It makes no sense to make lots of exclusive groups anyway. We are in this together, all suffering the same bigotry and uninformed opinions. We have to combine forces, and not treat others like outsiders or enemies.

Nicky said...

I have to agree with you as well. Klinefeltners and Kallmann's are Intersex and they affect the physical development of the body.

David Kenny said...

I a agree with Maya. To change societies views and to educate others on intersexual people, those who are interested must not hide and come out into their society so others can learn about their plight. This is what the gay movement did many years ago and before that they would hide away. I see intersexual people as people who are to be loved just like any other person.

People can be ignorant and fear the unknown so it's important to educate them so their fears or ignorance vanish. Stay safe, hugs!

Alkyon said...

Hi Maya, Im glad I found this even if I can't help cause I m not fromm Norway. I m from Greece raising an intersex (xxy) child. I m a storng advocate and I try to raise intersex awareness in my country in all right-levels: Legal regognition of all gender identities of itersex people (included cis, trans and non binary ones), health issues and intersex inclusive education. Intersex people are hiding in Greece too, like all over. I come to know about 20-25 families and none is out. The only allies intersex people have in my country are trans people, so I have many trans activist that I friended. All I just want to say is: Trans people ARE BORN trans too. Not all of them know that, but brain science does. If they dont have some intersex condition then its in their brain. So, like in intersex people, it s mostly on their nature too. I believe both groups have many in common when it comes to rights. Intersex & trans rights are both refering to human rights. Some intersex people I know identify as trans. Some trans people I know have in fact an intersex condition. The problem is social discrimination and stigma for both groups. Cause homophobia , transphobia and (recently) interphobia is all over, even in lgbtqi+ groups and especially in there.

Alkyon said...

So I agree totaly with Maya and David Kenny.