Saturday, 27 January 2018

Preparing for my next surgery

Earlier this week I had what might have been the most anticipated event for me this month. I didn't expect that much to happen at the neurologist, and other than having a redo of the last MRI scan of my spinal column (this time with contrast dye), it seems that this will be the end of that course of investigation. No, the biggest wild card, medically speaking, was my appointment with the gynaecologist.

It's been about two years since I last talked with this gynaecologist, and a lot of things have happened since that time. Things such as the big physiological changes my body underwent in those years - particularly my ovaries finally kicking into gear - along with my current set of complaints (distended abdomen, regular sensations of fluid gathering and things rupturing in the vaginal area. This probably helped to get things right down to business.

An ultrasound showed that at least I do not appear to have ovaries in the expected location for a plain old woman. To gather more data on my cycle I'll have blood taken for a couple of weeks in order to see how the hormone levels fluctuate during that time. Then, at the end, the gynaecologist suggested a more extensive procedure. Namely a laparoscopy of the abdomen.

This would involve the gynaecologist making small incisions in my abdomen, to allow for a camera and tools to enter the abdomen. The goal of this would be to explore the organs and tissues present and take biopsies of relevant tissues. Ideally this would allow the gynaecologist to see exactly what is going inside my abdomen, and settle the question of which organs I have/do not have once and for all.

The coming weeks it should become clear when this procedure will take place. I fervently hope that this will definitively answer the question of whether I have a vagina which is usable for re-attachment to the perineum, while also putting to rest any fears I have about cancer and other potential issues which might be underlying my current health issues.

The procedure itself would be easy. I'd be put under completely, so after an hour or so I'd be waking up again to learn of the results and be able to leave the hospital the same day. With some luck those results would allow me to finally find that reconstructive surgeon for the final surgery. Hard to get better pre-surgery information than the video and biopsy results from a laparoscopy.

Who knows, maybe this will be the year when this 13-year old medical drama that is my current life will finally come to a (happy) end?



Tom Farrier said...

Wonderful news! Veel geluk en de beste wensen!

Zeta Syanthis said...

Here's hoping things go well and you get happy answers. <3