Saturday, 11 August 2012

Please Help Me Move To My New Place~

The 15th of this month my girlfriend and I will be receiving the key to our new apartment, with the new carpet being put in on the 22nd. The goal is to move in on the same day, if possible at all. Sadly both my brothers aren't available until next month, so I'm going to have to find others who can assist me with moving. Possibly I'll have to pay for a moving company to take care of it and just accept the extra costs. My girlfriend faces a similar issue, leaving us in the odd situation where we have a new place to move into, but no easy way to actually move our belongings into it. Any help, physical or financial with this would be beyond awesome. Getting past this last hurdle to a happier future has to be worth it, right? :)

In other news, yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the photoshoot for the Grazia magazine, to have pictures of me taken for the 5-year anniversary edition of this magazine. In a few ways it was interesting, in that nobody there really knew about my story, just that they had received instructions to take pictures of me and the other four women in a particular manner. They were very intrigued to hear my story, however. The photos themselves which got taken of me that day were interesting too, in that this photographer and the stylist managed to bring out a whole other side of me, at least it appeared that way to me.

The day before, on Thursday, I picked up my new passport at the county hall. The lady behind the counter actually recognized me from an earlier article in a newspaper and offered to give me back the old passport as a token of remembrance after rendering it invalid. I thought this was rather nice of her. Now I can finally end the quest to get my proper identity recognized and use this acknowledgement to further the legal case against my insurance company who still refuse to fully cover the electrolysis therapy for the excess hair growth on my face due to the weird hormone balance I used to have. Their argument is that there's no reason to cover this therapy in the case of intersex, but do not substantiate this in any fashion. I'll soon have a hearing about this matter and will have a chance to speak my mind there.

Similarly I will have a hearing in the legal case against the VUMC hospital as well within a few months. This is going to become an even bigger case, involving the brutal violation of my basic human rights, particularly the right to decide about own body, and having unneeded surgeries forced upon me. I still really hope that this matter will cause a landslide in Dutch and European politics and from there change the world. It is beyond ridiculous that today in 2012 people like me are essentially outcasts, regarded by politicians and medical professionals as a kind of lab animals they can freely experiment on. No, scratch that, even lab animals have more rights than we do. It's so very disheartening to have to still fight for the right to even exist.

Being able to move to Almere this month will really change matters for me. At the moment the traveling to and from my work from my mother's place at two hours traveling time each way is really taking its toll on me, not to mention making it so much harder to do all the media items regarding my story and legal cases as everything takes place in the Amsterdam area. Without any offers from help I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay up for a moving company to take care of this. Same for my girlfriend, who has her own story to tell some other day.


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