Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pride Photo Award Pitch Won By Intersex

Last time I wrote about 'De Donkere Kamer' ('The Dark Room') photography event in Amsterdam, which was organized together with Pride Photo Award. During this event three pitches were presented by photographers aimed at getting money from the public for their project. I was present at this event as well last Monday from 8 PM until 10.30 PM. A recording of the entire event can be found here on YouTube: (Dutch spoken). Short summary: Eric Brinkhorst with his pitch to get me money for the surgery I need as well as to promote the intersex cause won first place. Total amount won is a few hundred Euro, the total amount I'll hear later. All of this will go towards the intended goals. I'll still need help with finding the surgeon for this controversial surgery, though. Germany is my first pick right now.

Now that I have money for travel and such expenses, I'd really appreciate help with finding said surgeon. There's supposedly a good clinic near Berlin, but it's pretty stressful for me to establish contact with any potential surgeons, worsened by the language barrier with relatively few German people speaking good English. Maybe I should start offering a monetary award for helping me find a surgeon after previous failed attempts :)



Joanna Anne-Caithlyn Posch said...

Finally something positive after all these negative things what has happened in her life.

It's good to know that the people of the Pride Awards do see the real Maya so accepting her, appreciate her, wants to support her, do see her talents and how a great personality she has got:D

a Thank you to the photographer Eric.

Maya is a one of a kind so very unique and more than valuable to everyone and anyone!.

Jed said...

What's the operation for, not happy with the "bits" you currently have?

Maya Posch said...


The operation is to restore the existing vagina so that it becomes usable again. This means attaching it to the perineum and creating labia. No organs will be removed.

Jed said...

Oh that's right, I read-up a bit more on your other site, good luck.

I don't blame you for ultimately deciding you prefer woman too, after your nasty experiences with men.

Your life seems to be in a perpetual state of trauma, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, no offense.

All the best.

Maya Posch said...

Thank you, Jed :)