Sunday, 23 December 2012

Initial Hearing Against VUmc Gender Team In February 2013

Two days ago I got an email from my lawyer, Yme Drost, regarding the case at the medical disciplinary commission against the VUmc hospital's gender team. The initial hearing in the investigation has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 12th 2013. During this hearing the defending party, consisting out of Dr. P.T. Cohen-Kettenis (psychiatrist), Dr. W. de Ronde (endocrinologist), Dr. M.A.A. van Trotsenburg (gynaecologist) and Dr. J.H.T.M. van Waesberghe (radiologist), will possibly be present as well. At stake is the claim by my lawyer and me that the aforementioned performed inadequate diagnostics considering the state of medical knowledge and technology at the time, and have generally acted unprofessionally.

More detailed, the gender team as a whole has not followed protocol considering the diagnosis and treatment of transgender/intersex cases, violated my right to decide about my own body, refused medical scans, (genetic) tests and ultrasounds where they would have been relevant, ignored evidence from German clinics, improperly interpreted MRI scans and completely ignored my wishes and questions. The disciplinary commission's task is to establish in how far the VUmc's gender team has indeed failed in performing their assigned duties, and to decide about possible correcting measures.

I will be travelling to Amsterdam with my lawyer on February the 12th to be present at this hearing. It is with great relief that I will be present, as maybe now, after eight years of inhumane struggles justice may finally be served.


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