Sunday, 15 February 2015

Job security, at long last

This week saw an interesting improvement in my life when I signed a new contract at my current work place. In earlier posts I reported that I was looking for a new job as my current employer had basically run out of work for me, but things changed with new projects coming in and others being extended. As a result I got offered a permanent contract, which I gladly accepted, despite having a job offer from another company in Karlsruhe as well.

Ending a month of job searching and interviews in such a way isn't bad at all in my view. Not only did I always like this company - synyx - I work at, but its owners have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me back in 2013 already, both in consideration of me as a foreigner but also in how they handled my personal situation. It was their support which allowed me to make the decision to move to Germany and get settled, with my boss going out of his way to ensure that I would find my own (temporary) place. I would have loathed to give all that up just because the non-Java type projects dried up a bit last year.

I quite like the projects I'm working on, with most of what I work on now written in C and C++, aimed at embedded platforms. This means mucking about in a lot of low-level code, analysing protocol logs and hammering out test protocol rigs in hexadecimal notation. In other words, the kind of stuff I love to do.

So with the signing of this contract I'm set job-wise, not having to move countries or cities either. Only change I'm looking at at this point is to find a new place to rent (or buy...) which is a lot more decent than where I currently live. What I'm looking for there is a place which is reasonably well-maintained and insulated, plus where I'm not bothered by upstairs neighbours (hearing walking, toilet use, etc.) and/or ticking heating system and other tubing in the walls. A place where I can sleep at night without having to use earplugs, basically. As a temporary apartment this place has served me well, I think, but unlike with my job, here it is time to move.


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gloucester said...

I am glad to hear that things on this front are going better for you.You really deserve this.