Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Finding One's Way

Stumbled over something unexpected today, namely the fact that having a mosaic test performed outside a hospital appears to be virtually impossible here in the Netherlands. I have contacted the ZKN ( which regulates private clinics in this country to ask them on this issue, but the expectation is that I'll have to go to another country to have this test performed. This is a minor setback. Worse is the difficulty in finding out where to go then. I'm still waiting on an American friend to get back to me on this. He would ask some people he knows who may know what the best place is for me to have this test performed.

Meanwhile I still find it horrible that the hospitals in this country refuse to perform this test for me, even if they officially have to do it. I do however not feel like pursuing a legal route to force them or to exact revenge at this point in time. It's not in my benefit right now and there are more productive things to focus.

So at any rate I would love any help people may be able to give me with regard to finding a place where I can have this mosaic test performed, hopefully somewhere in Europe, though I wouldn't say no to an all-expenses-paid trip to the US :)


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