Saturday, 7 November 2009

It Isn't Paranoia If They're Really After You

What I realized last night is that:

The UMCG hasn't performed a proper mosaic test. They merely replicated the chromosome test the Prisma hospital in Enschede carried out in late 2007, about two years ago. They also checked the presence of the Y chromosome in blood and nothing else. The 'test' done at the UMCG thus learns us nothing new. The UMCG presented the results of this single test as definitive, yet they only tested one tissue. This is very weird.

Together with the broken promise from the UMCG to discuss the MRI interpretation mystery with the German clinics which got pushed back and now completely discarded, it appears that the UMCG is little different from the Erasmus MC and VUMC. They'll get their last chance next week, but otherwise I can yet again assume that I got tricked again into believing some medical experts actually wanted to help me.

Why in the world does this keep happening to me? And why does the media only seem to care this little bit? I'd feel this is an issue a number of talk shows and such on national TV would love to pounce on and get it on the air.

I don't have a friggin' idea what to do next if the UMCG turns out to be equally unreliable as previous hospitals. Why does everyone who can help me feel the need to lie and cheat me out of precious time? :(

I'm so tired...


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