Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Case Of The Mondays

Yesterday brought a few updates in the John Hopkins Medical case: my insurance company (Unive) informed me that the medical advisor/doctor who had been in charge of my case had fallen ill early this week and had been replaced on Thursday. Together with my contact person at the local Unive branch office we decided to ask this new advisor to approve at least the MSO at JHM and see how things go from there. Later that day I got an update informing me that this advisor would inform me about his decision on Monday.

So either the decision will be that they approve, JHM gets the budget they asked for and I will know the result of the MSO by the end of the month, or Unive doesn't approve and I'll have to borrow cash from people. You could call me fixated, but it has never happened before to me that I encountered nice people at a hospital, who acted professionally and of whom I got the idea that I could trust them. Well, aside from the people at that first German private clinic, I guess. I still dislike how the Dutch medical specialists have and are treating them, talking about them like they don't know what they are doing.

Naturally I'm feeling quite apprehensive about Monday, and if I was religious I would be praying for things to finally take a positive turn. Life hasn't been very kind to me so far. The past months all I have been able to do is work like crazy on projects, the past weeks I have spent 10+ hours a day working including on weekends. It seems like the only thing I can do right now to improve my life.

I have also been working on rewriting the chapters of my semi-autobiographic novel In Between and Neither. So far I have rewritten the first three chapters, which you can find here:

Chapter 1 has been left virtually unchanged, but 2 and 3 have been completely rewritten, adding details and character development which were completely missing from the original. I hope to soon rewrite 4 and 5 as well and continue with more chapters, but it all depends on my mood. With me feeling so apprehensive and uncertain about my future (immediate, intermediate and distant), I can't say I really am in the mood. Maybe if I get good news on Monday. I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed...



Shu Ning Bian said...

Best of luck for Monday!

Maya Posch said...

Thank you :)