Sunday, 6 March 2011

John Hopkins Medical International

I promised I wouldn't write again until a miracle occurred, and I think a minor one has occurred. After weeks of bombarding a certain useless Middlesex clinic in the UK with emails and phone calls and nagging people at intersexuality support organizations without anyone bothering to actually be helpful or respond at all, a single email a few weeks ago to John Hopkins Medical seems to have done the trick.

Unlike the UZ Gent hospital, Dutch hospitals and clinics in general, and the utterly useless and completely unreachable Middlesex clinic with their ghostly Dr Conway and Sarah Creighton, John Hopkins Medical International (JHMI) responded within a reasonable amount of time on my initial email explaining my situation, have elevated my case to the Medical Directors because they admitted that it's a complicated case, have assigned a physician and the only thing it comes down to at this point is whether JHMI and my insurance company (Unive) can come to agree on the financial part.

Yesterday morning I sent JHMI the whole batch of medical reports and scans, as well as their Medical Second Opinion (MSO) form. For 'current diagnosis' I put 'various/undefined', as it's the basic truth: hermaphrodite/transsexual/autoparagynaecophilia/transgender/crazy are some diagnoses which I have heard during the past six years. Who is right? I don't know. What I do know is that I won't be satisfied with simply yet another opinion from JHMI.

What I expect from them is to look at the available material, realize that the relevant medical questions such as those regarding the clinical symptoms (genetic, prostate functioning/structure, presence (proto-)vagina, etc.) have not or only barely been investigated, and that a proper examination should be carried out. If they are as professional as they appear to be so far, then this is the course I expect them to follow. The only matter then is where I'll be examined, whether they'll find a hospital in the EU, or that I will be flying over to Maryland.

Starting Monday I should learn more about what I can expect.


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