Wednesday, 23 March 2011

John Hopkins Medical Update

Yesterday a good friend of mine, who has been trying to find help for me for years, sent me the money I needed to pay for the second opinion (MSO) at John Hopkins Medical. I was able to transfer the money that same day to JHM and things are finally moving forward, with the message from JHM that they'll be assigning a coordinator to my case who'll communicate with the doctors there and also with me about the status of my case.

A little snag is the need to have all reports I sent translated from Dutch to English, which is going to cost some extra money as it has to be done by certified medical translators, which I am not. I reckon it'll cost me another few hundred dollar. Today I should hear their cost estimate. Hopefully they can start on the translation today so that they can get started on the case properly this week.

I'm probably going to need a heck of a lot more money the coming time, though, assuming that JHM recognizes the need for more research. A friend put up an appeal on the website:

I do not wish to rely fully on donations, of course. I got about two weeks until this MSO is supposed to be finished. Any money I can make through projects and such would help me immensily in financing the upcoming medical matters. These projects include this Nyanko CMS for which I have made a fancy new administration panel in C++/Qt and which I hope to finish debugging this week. There's also the TileWars game which will go on sale next month on Steam. Further I'm working on an Android game which might be fun too, and which I could theoretically finish within two weeks time.

If my writings got me some money too, I might be tempted to work on them, but since that's not the case, they'll have to wait :) At this point it seems like this Firefox add-on I made will be a lot more popular:


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