Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Progress, And Lack Thereof

Allow me to start with the bad news: after over three months I still haven't seen a single cent from this Bbz welfare thing I got accepted for a few weeks ago. I requested it January 19th, and I got approved for 6 months of welfare.

A similar story with my health insurance company; they are still pretending to be busy while ignoring the approval for full coverage of electrolysis therapy, this after I got them the official request from my GP well over a month ago. If both instances were to actually do their job, I would have over 5,000 Euro in my bank account. As things stand now I have a few hundred Euro to spend before I'm fully broke. Most depressing.

At John Hopkins Medical meanwhile things have been grinding to a halt as well, with my coordinator going on vacation for a week (returning today), and another coordinator promising to check with the physician who currently has my case and not following up on this. I'm becoming intensely allergic to people not doing their job as of late.

In the mean time I have finished the fourth and fifth chapter rewrite of my In Between And Neither novel, updated my personal site, launched the new Nyanko company website, finished, tested and released the NyanKana: Kana Memorized game for the Android platform (see http://www.nyanko.ws/game_nk_km.php), finalized the resource cooker utility for the game engine, finished a server monitoring script for another company, created a flashcard game for a friend, and spent some time with the photography student doing photoshoots.

I'm currently working on porting the NyanKana game to Windows, as well as creating a more advanced resource cooker utility. Naturally I'm also still working on the TileWars game itself. I'm further working out the details regarding my migration to Australia, something which depends heavily on JHM wrapping up my case within a few months time.

Life isn't easy, and life isn't fun. Definitely not at the moment. I don't even want to think about how much I hate my current situation, and instead try to focus completely on improving my situation by throwing myself at my work. I can feel no appreciation for anything else any more. The only one interested in progressing my life is me. And the handful of people who care about me.

I spend the hours when I'm not engrossed in some part of my work feeling depressed, haunted and exhausted to the point where I feel like crying continuously. I feel like I'm stranded in the midst of an ocean, clutching to this single log of wood which is keeping me afloat, and all the ships I have seen so far have passed me by. It's lonely out here.



Anonymous said...

Where in Australia are you moving to? :O

Maya Posch said...

I'm currently considering New South Wales and Victoria. Friends have been recommending the latter, particularly Melbourne :)