Sunday, 15 April 2012

Please Buy My Games And Other Assorted Updates

On Thursday I released a new game for the Android platform, titled Heimen no Heiwa (平面の平和), which translates to 'Tranquility of the Planes' in English. As you can see in the picture it's a relatively simple game in its appearance. The marble is rolled around the playing field by moving the phone or tab, whereby each black circle vanishes upon contact. The level ends when all circles have been removed. The level also ends when the marble leaves the playing field. Having played it myself I was amazed at how much it appealed even to my own desire to conquer this game, and how difficult, sometimes even evil it is. As each level is dynamically generated I can only blame the universe for making it so hard for me. And solar radiation.

Heimen no Heiwa can be bought on the Android Market. See the game's page and more screenshots and details at my company's website:

At this moment I'm mostly working on TileWars together with my awesome friend Trevor. With some luck we'll be able to release this game on Steam by the end of next month. I'm also always looking for ideas for simple, original mobile games.

Moving on, yesterday I did a very interesting interview for Dutch monthly magazine Viva. The interview plus photoshoot ended up taking about five hours total, which is probably a new record. It was quite fun, though. The journalist (Adeline Mans) was very nice and I managed to more or less stick to a chronological detailing of my story. After the interview of two hours the make-up artist (Tynke Jeeninga) who had arrived a few moments before that with the photographer (Wout Jan Balhuizen) set to work on making me look pretty as I said goodbye to Adeline. The prettifying and photoshoot ended up taking a few more hours, but I feel it was worth it. The make-up was done very well, and it was the most fun photoshoot I have had in a long time, probably since the Grazia shoot back in 2009. The article is scheduled to be published in the May 23rd issue.

Today I have been mostly working. Somewhat on the TileWars level editor, also on setting up an example in order to replicate a bug found in the WebKit webpage rendering engine. Without much luck so far, I may add. It's rather annoying that a persistent bug in my WildFox browser is seemingly caused by some kind of edge condition in the WebKit engine and/or Qt wrapper for said engine. I also intend to resume finishing my other Android game, Bizarro Arkanoid soon. Thanks to Heimen no Heiwa I have been able to hone my AndEngine/Box2D skills some more and will hopefully be able to put up another Android game for sale very soon now.

Tomorrow my life coach (Elsa Rothengatter) will be dropping by. She'll be helping me pick some clothes and such for my TV appearance on Monday. It's still a bit of an uneasy thing for me, I guess, to have someone I'm supposed to rely on. It's been the same with my psychotherapist before that and with teachers at school before that. Being independent and feeling that I'm expected to solve things myself are just how I'm wired. This even though I can admit that I sometimes really do need others. It's a hard thing to rely on others, more so after having dealt with so many years of abuse and betrayal. Trust is a very easy thing to lose, yet so incredibly hard to regain. Accepting help is so very stressful for me at this point. I do feel I should allow others to help me, though.

Finally, on Monday I'll be traveling to Hilversum during the early morning hours for my first live appearance on Dutch national television. The show in question is called Koffietijd and is broadcast on RTL4 from 10 to 11 AM. I'm really looking forward to this event. Later that day I'll also get a phone call from my lawyer, Yme Drost, regarding the last details of the formal complaint against the VUMC hospital. Said complaint will be filed early next week, kicking off the first of many complaints/lawsuits against the Dutch hospitals in their abhorrent treatment of me and other intersex individuals. While a quite technically involved case, it's nevertheless fairly clear and cut. It will be interesting to see what the VUMC comes up with in the month they have to respond to this first complaint as it'll set the tone for the coming legal pursuits.

More fun is that on Monday I'll also be dropping by a men's clothing store here in Rijssen to buy a particular item of clothing of a specific designer and send it to this British girl who wishes to give it to her boyfriend for his birthday as he has the same name as this designer whose clothing is only being sold in the Netherlands. I know this girl only via IRC and to be honest I barely knew her before this, but now I know a great deal about her. It's funny how things work sometimes in social contacts. I'm also glad to help someone out like this. I'm a strong believer in doing nice things for other nice people :)

So yeah, that's just over a week compacted into a few paragraphs. A week ago around this time I was working on Heimen no Heiwa and now it's finished. TileWars is rapidly heading for release as well after starting the project in late 2010. My medical quest has nearly come to an end and I'm in a situation at this point I would have killed for even half a year ago. Things are changing rapidly and even though I can only admit that I'm still suffering from strong suicidal feelings despite everything, at the very least it has been reduced to a strongly uncomfortable, panicked feeling with only occasional bouts of crying and feeling utterly miserable. Maybe even that will pass some day.

At this point what I need most of all is to have that place of my own and financial independence as the lack of this is responsible for about ninety percent or more of my current stress levels. I'm trying, but I may need some serious help from others here as well. Please?


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