Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dream Sequence

This was the first significant dream sequence for me in a long time. I had no troubles at all remembering it and it left a pretty significant impression on me upon waking.

I was sitting on the left side of the backseat of a car. I vaguely remembered something involving an airplane hijacking. We were driving on a road next to what could have been part of an airport. The driver, who was our hijacker and hostage taker, must have mentioned something about having to get out here. Upon bringing the car to a halt I looked to my left to the car door and found the handle. I pulled on it and the door opened. I noticed that the other hostages in the car didn't seem to be moving at all.

I left the car and walked along the left side towards the back where I saw a gap in the road's guide rails. Leaving the road via that gap I was walking freely. Then I noticed the hostage taker walking to my right. He had a Western look to him. As I looked at him I saw that he pulled out something from inside his coat. I didn't know what it was until he did something with it and the car behind us to our left detonated. I don't think that the other hostages made it out.

As I looked at the hostage taker again I saw him pull out something from inside his coat and knew it was going to be a firearm. I was proven right. I turned away from him and ran for it. I tried to stick to cover, while every moment I expected a bullet to make its way between my shoulder blades. I began to see more and more men around me, all armed. They swarmed around me and I thought I was done for. It had to be a trap.

A flashback: I was sitting on the ground, a man in trench coat with yellow-brown colour was standing in front of us. He was shooting people behind me and to my right. He wore a frozen, mad grin. I then looked into the pistol's barrel and died.

The me of the first sequence walked into this scene and noted to my relief that apparently I hadn't been shot, but that the people swarming around me had been the rescuers. I must have been panicked to mistake them.

New sequence. I was sitting on a couch next to my former housemate. He wasn't looking at me. I was feeling very small and somewhat afraid. There were other people in the room. They were talking about something.

Flashes of other sequences. A child of 4-5 years who knew everything and was good at leg massages. My legs were quite hairy for some reason.

Final sequence. I was sorting the coins in my purse. I looked up and saw my older brother and his wife kissing each other deeply. It shocked me. I stacked up some boxes with more force than needed and nearly ran off. I felt horrible and a need to somehow get rid of this feeling inside.


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