Thursday, 20 September 2012

Financial, Legal And Other Woes

People often use the term 'turned upside-down' when describing big changes in their life. I would prefer the term 'shifted into another dimension' in my own case. Many elements are still familiar in it, and yet most of it has changed completely. Between living together with a girlfriend who is also my very first real relationship, having my first proper job, dealing with so many responsibilities and chasing after lazy companies and the like, it's as though in a few brief weeks everything I knew got wiped out and replaced with something entirely different.

Not to say that it isn't pleasant in some ways, I do like the independence and such, yet it's somewhat scary to not really have much of a backup in case things go south. Instead of the quiet retreat I hoped to find I now find myself rushing instead from place to place to fix and manage things. I haven't called this many companies and other instances in the previous years as I have in the past week.

Among the recent successes there is having my insurance company Unive finally contacting the German clinic where I got my surgery and telling them to send the bill directly so that it can get paid. This after getting two reminders from said clinic. Hopefully that's sorted now. Another success is having the kitchen drain unclogged today after reminding the business (Van der Linde) renting us this place of their responsibilities. It took a call to their HQ and hinting at legal action to make them fix things.

The coming month things are going to exceedingly tight financially again. As the moving cost much more than estimated (nearly twice...) and combined with the rent, my next paycheck will be spent almost completely before the month starts. I'm really grateful that I got a few dozen Euro in donations so far to help bridge this financial gap. I'm not sure how I'll manage next month financially, but I'll see. It still sucks that even with a well-paying job I can get into a tight spot like this. Not having any financial reserves to begin with probably plays a major role.

Next week Tuesday (25th of September) the Dolhuys in Haarlem, the Netherlands, will open the exposition 'Ik, M/V' (, which will feature audio, video and text-based material about me, among others. The topic is the exploration of everything between male and female. I'll be there during the opening, starting at 5 PM.

Meanwhile legal matters proceed, with the hearing against the VUmc hospital still pending, the hearing against insurance company Unive coming up soon as well, and a hearing involving the vandalism case against me next month. The first two I'm awaiting the hearing dates on, for the latter I'm working with my psychotherapist on to compile a statement showing that the consistent psychological abuse by Dutch hospitals and psychologists, combined with the arrogant attitude and disregard for responsibilities displayed by the family doctor's practice in Rijssen's Medisch Centrum, led to the triggering of my PTSD and DID, both the culmination of severe traumas inflicted upon me. The resulting damage caused by the violent personality fragment which took control was therefore not my fault, but that of the Dutch healthcare in general and this particular family doctor's personnel especially. I'll be blogging about how these cases proceed.

Anyway, it's past midnight again, and tomorrow I have another bug-hunting session at my work. Got to make a good impression for the contract extension at the end of next month :)


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