Thursday, 13 September 2012

First Hearing In Case Against VUmc Hospital And More

A number of things are happening these days, the most interesting one being that I heard from my lawyer Yme Drost that the VUmc hospital has finally provided their answer to my list of accusations and that a hearing at which I will be present will be scheduled soon. Related to this, next month I'll also have the hearing in the case against me involving vandalism. This I talked about before: it's essentially directly related to the case against the VUmc and how they and other Dutch hospitals treated me. The years of mental and psychological abuse which culminated in first a suicide attempt, and then me encountering first a Christian family doctor refusing me as a patient for being intersex, and then a family doctor who ignored my background and refused proper treatment. On a happier note, Discovery Channel/TLC is broadcasting the episode of 'TLC About...' featuring me on October 18th here in the Netherlands.

Further I have communicated a bit more with my insurance company, Unive, regarding the outstanding bill with the German clinic for the surgery last year. Today they finally sent me a message informing me that they will be setting things straight with the clinic regarding the payment. Hopefully they'll get it fixed now. Against Unive I already have one legal case in progress regarding their refusal to fully cover the electrolysis therapy I am forced to undergo due to excess hair growth on my face as a result of the elevated testosterone level I had due to being intersex.

I'm feeling somewhat apprehensive regarding the vandalism case. I know I wasn't in a state of mind where I could have consciously interfered and refrained from using any violence, but to actually prove that is going to be hard. Fortunately my psychotherapist is fully on my side on this matter and we're working on a document featuring his statement reinforcing this and hopefully leading to the judge concluding the same. My mother is also going to be a witness during the hearing.

The broadcast of the TLC show's episode is making me feel pretty happy, I guess. It's the first international broadcast of my story, and on a serious channel as well. As said the broadcast of the episode in question (third episode, titled 'Taboo') will be broadcast in the Netherlands on October 18th. I talked with the producer of the show yesterday in person and she was genuinely interested in my story. Only negative point is that I likely won't get permission from Discovery Channel to feature the fragment with me in it on my site. They seem pretty reluctant to give that kind of permission. Interesting point is that it'll be the first time as well that people will get to see my girlfriend as she's featured in the show as well :)

Finally the hearing in the case against the VUmc hospital is a very good thing. The VUmc has managed to delay things by a month by taking much longer to provide an answer to the accusations. Now that the hearing will be scheduled soon I'm feeling quite relieved. As soon as I have a date for the hearing I will be able to focus a bit more on it, but I'm already glad that things are moving forward again.


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