Monday, 7 October 2013

The Urgency In Moving

Just a quick heads-up that time is running out for me before I absolutely have to have finished moving to Germany. There are multiple reasons for this. First one is that officially I do not have a place of residence any more; officially I left last month already to Germany. I can not fully finish some things before I get a place of residence in Germany, however, such as the last dealings with the Dutch tax office.

Beyond that there's the medical issue which I have alluded to on multiple occasions already, specifically the abdominal pain. I have absolutely no idea how serious it is or how it'll develop. I do know that it's developing ever more rapidly since about a week ago, however. There's no way that I can get medical help for it in the Netherlands, ergo I'll have to wait with that until I have moved. I have the strong suspicion that these complications are related to my intersex condition, the same condition which is still being denied by all Dutch physicians, but not the German ones. I'd like to move, get things in order and visit a German GP or the like to get this diagnosed.

Why don't I just get off my fat ass and take care of it myself then, you may ask? Because between dealing with work, my PTSD and this constant abdominal pain plus the lack of proper sleep and the resulting migraines I don't really have the emotional strength left to filter, browse, search and sort through listings of houses. It's too much right now. I'd really appreciate some help just picking out a few good houses. I'm not even thinking of how to get a bed and other furniture/necessities at this point.

Once again, what I'm looking for is a house in the Karlsruhe area in Germany. A radius of 20 km around Karlsruhe is fine, but I'm not picky, especially if public transport (S-bahn) is nearby. A quiet place is appreciated. Most important is that it's not a flat but a proper house, with at least 3 bedrooms (for bedroom, home office, guest/junk room). Also a shed for a bicycle and if at all possible a workbench or the like. Rental price of around 800 Euro a month, but I'm quite flexible there.

I'll try to record a vlog this week with some more details of what I'm looking for and why. Feel free to add comments/questions/feedback on my requirements before then.

Thanks :)


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