Thursday, 7 November 2013

Asymmetric Changes

Since last week Friday my life has suddenly and rapidly changed. From a relatively unknown figure in the little known intersex/gender scene of the Netherlands and internationally I'm now suddenly a generally known person in at least the Netherlands after my appearance on the talk show Pauw & Witteman. Today while on my way to an appointment at a nearby city a group of girls sitting near me in the train were openly discussing my appearance on said show and hermaphroditism after spotting me before that. Moments like those make it clear to me that my relatively anonymous life is over with. See the videos of the TV appearances on my site here:

Beyond the interviews on Friday I also did an interview for TIME magazine on Monday (publication date pending), and I have also been contacted by a publisher about the publication of my autobiography. It's all pretty crazy, but in a good way. For the first time in... ever, really, does it feel like things are finally moving like how they should. Now all I need is to have the medical disciplinary commission decide in my favour on the 19th this month so that the personal damages lawsuit against the VUmc gender team can proceed.

And yet, there's still a big chunk missing before I can proceed to this new future which is beckoning me. One of them is this surgery which I still require. While I have found a willing surgery in Germany, I can not set an appointment there until after I move to Germany. Before I can do this moving I need a house, something which is taking considerably longer than I had hoped. Sure, I could pick something small and cheap, but I'd really like to be done with moving for a long time, hence why I'm looking for a 3-bedroom place so that I have space for all my hobbies and the company.

Fortunately the company I work for is helping me find something and at least one usable response came in after they posted the following message: The opening paragraph of it starts with the following (in English): "It should really be reason for joy. Maya Posch will soon be part of our team. She will enrich us with among other things her broad knowledge of Mobile Solutions. There is however still one small problem: Since Maya still lives in the Netherlands, does she urgently require a new place in Germany. To be precise, in the Karlsruhe area. Therefore our request."

I think it's great that they are helping me like this. Over the past months I have come to know many at this company quite well as well some outside it and I am really looking forward to start my new life in this area of Germany.

Hopefully this month this last part of the puzzle will finally be found and put into place. I'm keeping all appendages crossed which are capable of such a motion.


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