Saturday, 11 April 2015

Remembering you

Waking up, I sleepily reach over to your pillow
Finding it empty, I only smile to myself.
Remembering the softness of your face
As you lie there sleeping.

Brushing away a few stray hairs from your face
Admiring every single curvature and feature.
The softness of your skin together with
Its warmth is mingling with my own.

Remembering our life together, every singular
Moment of happiness and shared understanding.
Never a harsh word spoken, or negative thought
Imagined or expressed.

Grateful that you do not truly exist, but are
But a figment of my imagination.
Not an illusion, for all of this is too real,
Just something more real than life could offer.

Never having to share any moments of pain or agony,
For the darkness is all mine to keep.
You're the light, that which will never be, yet
Always illuminating my heart.


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