Friday, 26 June 2015

More examinations and hunting down a surgeon

Yesterday was my appointment with my gynaecologist, in order to discuss the MRI scan results and how to proceed from there. Most of the time I was there at the gynaecologist's office was actually spent waiting. I was the last patient before they closed for lunch, and as usual they were running out of time. My appointment was at 11.45, but I had to wait until 12.30. All rather annoying when you're just sitting there, waiting for an appointment which can hardly be called pleasant.

At any rate, the gynaecologist told me that he had further results in from the blood tests. Pregnancy hormone, tumour markers, etc. looked normal. No further blood tests are thus possible at this point. This also concludes what my gynaecologist can do for me. He'll refer me back to my family doctor, with the advice to have me examined by other specialists, specifically for pinched nerves in my spine as possible cause for the pains, as well as a colonoscopy for the same reason.

Naturally, none of these could conceivably explain the appearance of linea nigra or the swelling of my breasts. The latter might be a possible explanation for the abdominal distension, but without any clear digestive troubles or symptoms this too seems relatively far-fetched. Yet I'll go along with it, I guess, because if both results come back clean then those avenues of research can be abandoned at least.

The only really promising thing is that my gynaecologist also went along with the reconstructive surgery approach. This also because I could confirm to him based upon the recent MRI scans that yes, I do in fact have a vagina. Issue here is to find a surgeon capable of such a reconstructive surgery related to the female genitals. As the past years have shown me, such a thing is most definitely not easily accomplished. My gynaecologist said that he'd contact some people to maybe find a surgeon, but I'm afraid that this is the point where the current progress will end once again. The other examinations will come back without results, no surgeon can be found or it doesn't work out with the one which was found and that'll be the end of this year's attempt.

I really wish I could feel hopeful, but over a decade of bitter disappointments do not leave much room for such luxuries.


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