Friday, 12 June 2015

Playing the waiting game again with the MRI scan

This week has been pretty busy, if not outright hectic. From electrotherapy treatments for my shoulder on Tuesday and Wednesday, to running 6.2 km yesterday without prior training, as part of the B2Run event here in Karlsruhe, to today's MRI scan. Mix into that rushing to get things in order at work prior to a software release, and you can probably somewhat imagine my mental and physical condition right now. Unfortunately up till a few hours ago it seemed that I'd at least go into the weekend rather quietly, with all major issues resolves or at least put into order. Then I listened to the voice mail from a missed call earlier today.

The voice mail was from the doctor who had analysed the scan's images and talked me through his findings shortly after the MRI scan was made this morning. He just said that he wanted me to call him back on Monday because he needed to discuss something. No further details were provided. The clinic was also closed by this time, so no recourse remains for me except to just wait out the weekend and make that phone call on Monday to find out what this 'something' is. I imagine a doctor wouldn't call for something relatively irrelevant, or at least mention details on the voice mail if it was. It's all rather ominous.

Today's MRI scan went without issues. After a brief wait following the scan I was invited to hear this doctor's analysis. His findings were that while he could clearly see what looked like a normal vagina, he could not see any other defined female genitals, or any defined growth or anything which might somehow hint at the reason why my body thinks that it is pregnant. What this would mean is that, as this doctor said, to check my blood for any signs of elevated pregnancy hormone as well as markers for tumours and the like.

Now I got this voice mail and the many questions it raises. Did the doctor overlook something? Does he think he was wrong about something? Does he want me to come in again ASAP for a more detailed scan? Is it something serious? Did something go wrong somewhere? No answers yet, just a few rather uncomfortable days of waiting ahead of me and another phone call of the type one rather does not ever want to make.

It does not appear that I will be getting any chance to relax or to not feel stressed for a while longer at least.

It's probably a good thing that I am an expert at playing the 'waiting anxiously for life-changing information' game after more than a decade, I guess... Who needs to feel relaxed and safe anyway?


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