Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sick of hormonal issues

Today I have had and still am dealing with lower abdominal cramping, extremely sore hips, pain in the vaginal area and the usual hot flashes. I suspect that at least some of these symptoms are also causing my current bout of insomnia and general lack of proper sleep. All of these symptoms in addition to the linea nigra and swollen breasts are all indicative of reproductive hormonal issues, both menstruation and pregnancy-related.

It seems that my body is just producing all hormones at the same time for whatever godforsaken reason. Starting tomorrow I'll be going back on the pill in order to see whether that makes some difference, but beyond that I have no idea what to do about it. I tried the physicians/gynaecologist route, yet got no results and just annoyed looks for my trouble. In the unlikely event that I'll find a cooperative surgeon it remains to be seen what they can do.

Thus I'm left with just dealing with these daily pains, inconveniences and worries and frustrations about what in heavens name is happening to my body, without a solution in sight for the rest of my days. All part of my own private cozy little Hell.


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