Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to playing doctor

Most of my world seems to revolve around pain, it seems. While last week was relatively pain-free, last weekend it began again, worsening this week until apparently peaking today. First symptoms included abdominal distension and lower abdominal pain as well as sharp pain and discomfort in the vaginal region. It also included pain while urinating and similar, as well as diarrhoea. This week it added to that a pain mostly in the lower right abdomen and right side of the torso. Thoughts of appendicitis returned. Yesterday I was feeling incredibly tired, while suffering nausea. This evoked the possibility of food poisoning.

Today I basically wasn't getting out of bed. Only after sleeping a few hours more was I able to function, though even at this point I'm not feeling great. I'm not throwing up, though, and managed to eat a decent amount of food without ill-effects. The fear of appendicitis was however quite real throughout the day, as I felt this both sharp and dull pain in my lower right abdomen. This pain however subsided, to reappear occasionally throughout the day, albeit in the form of cramps in the same region.

This all is far more consistent with the period-connected pain I have been suffering for years now, although it is getting more severe every year. I remember vividly how when I was 11 years old that I was unable to move for what felt like hours due to excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. I think that may have been my first period. Two years ago, in late 2013, I was lying in bed when I felt intense pain in the lower right abdomen. I thought I would die simply right then and there.

After that occurrence in 2013, I have begun to feel that particular pain more often, around the time that I also suffered from other pains related to my period. My period seems to roughly occur by the end of the month, beginning of the next, based upon the pain I experience.

Putting these pieces together, as well as the symptom of cramping which is not associated with appendicitis, it seems far more likely that most if not all of these pains are in some form caused by rogue tissue - left-over from the failed formation of my reproductive organs - is becoming increasingly more active. The appearance of linea nigra on the abdomen since a few months back is another indication of this.

Whether this can be classified under endometriosis isn't easy to say, as that is generally a fairly consistent, very painful, but otherwise rather harmless condition. It also generally doesn't involve symptoms like linea nigra. What is going on might be something else entirely, with unknown consequences and unknown outlook.

Seeing a doctor about this who actually is capable of diagnosing and treating a condition like this would be the most pertinent next step. Unfortunately the one doctor who can help me at this point may still take another few months to make an appointment with, as for some reason I have to get every single medical file and what not to him first, even when they do not contain any relevant information. This is currently very frustrating.

Hopefully I'll get that appointment soon, and with it the medical attention this issue seems to require...


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