Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Today's appointment with the new gynaecologist was pretty brief. The moment he looked at the referral message from my family doctor he asked me why I had come to him when there's a gynaecologist in the city who specialises in intersex cases. He got me a referral for this gynaecologist as well as the details.

Within five minutes I was standing outside again, with the task to make an appointment with this other gynaecologist. Earlier I sent of an email to this gynaecologist's office with the request to make an appointment, explicitly mentioning that I was being referred due to my intersex case. Hopefully an appointment can be made this year, still.

In a sense I'm feeling disappointed since I have lived towards this day for a while now, and as yesterday's post makes more than obvious, it has a profound effect on me. Not to mention the way it manages to destabilise my emotional stability and make me things I loathe thinking about, such as death, violence and similar things which aren't happy or cute.

On the other hand I'm feeling both happy in a surprised fashion, and annoyed that this other, better gynaecologist apparently exists, but that I wasn't aware of it. Now to see what this gynaecologist can do for me, as well as in two weeks time when I have my appointment with this endocrinologist.

Meanwhile my abdomen still hurt month after month, the vertical line on my abdomen remains, along with all the questions and uncertainty.

Back to the waiting game for now, I guess.


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