Thursday, 26 November 2015

The difficulty in trusting doctors

Today I got a response to my email to this other gynaecologist who supposedly specialises in intersex cases. Their answer was a curt 'no, we have no experience with intersex', then referring me to a neurologist/psychiatrist who supposedly does. None of it made sense to me.

I have sent my family doctor an update on all of this, basically telling her that she's free to contact this neurologist if she wants to, but that I'm done with it. Also that I hope that this upcoming appointment with an endocrinologist is more productive, or that else I'm pretty much completely done with doctors in general.

It'll be hard to figure out a way to continue living without medical help. After eleven years there's no point to searching further, however. The doctors have won. They have successfully denied me medical help or a treatment as a human being. I am helpless. I admit defeat.

Today I suffered through cramps on my right abdominal side as my body apparently is ovulating as is usual during the last week of the month. I also started experiencing hot flashes again today after not having taken the pill for a week or two.

...but I the doctors say I am all just imagining it. I'm just a confused transsexual, after all...


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