Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Time for some medical experimentation

Today was my appointment with this new endocrinologist, and nothing bad happened. I explained the situation, handed over the handy summary with printed out medical reports I had prepared and the endocrinologist seemed both very interested and understanding. When I told her that I had been put away as a transsexual or regular male she seemed dismayed.

It's not often that I get such a... human response when talking to someone who is a medical professional or similar. For some reason I wasn't nervous about this appointment either. Maybe it was because I got referred to this endocrinologist by my GP he has shown herself to be very much a human being.

Ultimately, this appointment came down to a blood test being performed to check my current hormone and other levels, then have another blood test in three weeks from now after I haven't taken the pill or used any hormone replacement medication.

That's right, for the coming three weeks I'll be back to just my regular ol' self producing all of the hormones flowing through my veins for the first time in about eight years. The goal being to see how much estradiol (and thus oestrogen) my body produces on its own, possibly from a functional ovary as well.

It seems likely that I will have to reduce the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at the very least, however, as the endocrinologist agreed that the linea nigra is indicative of an excess of oestrogens in my system. Especially considering how I am currently quite clearly not pregnant and all that.

I hope so much that this time I'll be getting some real results and real support with the medical case that is this so very unique body of mine. It's been nearly eleven years after all. If this is the breakthrough at long last, it'll be hard to imagine how wonderful next year may become.

Maybe even no HRT any more, and that reconstructive surgery along with the possibility that with one active ovary I might be fertile as a woman. It would all be so incredibly wonderfully weird.


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ChopraManish said...

May God bless you with a healthy life ahead!