Friday, 6 May 2016

Finding a new place as soon as possible

In my last proposal to the owner of this apartment which I rent I suggested that I would move out in 'a few months' time. Not having received a response since, I assume that they have accepted it. At this point there is also no alternative way which would not involve lawyers and similar thrilling fun.

At the basis of this conflict lies this owner's outright refusal to fix issues in the apartment which have been known to them since I moved into the place, years ago. Issues such as the rusty, brown water, which according to them is 'normal' and 'no problem'. As a consequence they insist I should pay the full rent instead of the same minus 10% which I have been paying.

While I am legally in the clear, I derive no satisfaction from living in an apartment which is poorly maintained, poorly insulated, has rusting water pipes, the noisiest heating system in the history of humankind and lacks sound insulation so that one can enjoy everything the upstairs neighbours are doing.

Thus I am looking for a new place to rent, which should be available within a few months from now. Primary requirement probably has to be that it's not a place owned by EWG (owner of my current apartment building). Beyond that, no neighbours above/below (I'm done with apartments), 80 square meters or more, up to 1,000 Euro a month (inclusive). Having it be a quiet place (house) is important, as is having internet faster than dial-up available. Preferably I'd be able to take my current cable connection with me.

I currently live in the city of Karlsruhe, but I am not bound to the city and would in fact prefer moving out of the city. Travelling to my work in the city would have to be realistic, either by bicycle or public transport.

I would very much appreciate any help with this. With the better options rarely being put online, and with me being hardly fluent in German it's far more difficult task than it possibly should be.

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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