Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Still searching for a home

Yesterday's appointment with the psychotherapist was - as expected - no big deal at all. I felt quite positive afterwards, and I doubt that the next appointment will make me feel anywhere nearly as apprehensive as this first one. To be continued next month, I guess.

Today I just had a regular working day. Though I'm still kind of in-between projects at this point, it's still pleasant to have the regularity of a day job. It's still difficult to leave there and go home. Or what I'm forced to call my home at this point, that is.

It's a place which is too noisy, poorly maintained and rented at a ridiculous price by an owner who is more than okay with me and others in the building drinking and bathing in rusty, polluted water. This is not a home, yet with every week which passes I'm coming closer to admitting that there may not be an alternative. Not within my current means at least.

At this point I have multiple larger projects in progress, ranging from a new book to a new processor architecture, to a range of video games, the latter together with my best friend. The hope is to make money from these projects.

With enough money I should be able to fix the last issues in my life. Money is after all the most important thing in human society. It's the only way you can get that home you want, or need.


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