Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Today I got the long-awaited phone call from the Erasmus MC. I spoke with the same doctor I saw during my last visit to that hospital. He told me that he didn't know whether the MRI analysis was done yet and couldn't get into touch with the radiologist. He'll email me with the results once he gets them.

I'm desperately trying to finish a few projects for clients, but this last disappointment isn't making it easier. First the anxiety during the days leading up to this call, then the realization that nobody at that hospital really gives anything about me...

I'm feeling absolutely miserable still, even after spending an hour or so crying on Pieter's shoulders. I'm feeling disappointed, frustrated and depressed beyond belief. I really hate this stupid body. I hate everything and everyone... I honestly hope that I won't ever wake up again, as this torture is just getting too much.


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