Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Yesterday after writing my blog post I went to bed. This time I didn't go immediately to sleep, however. For some reason I felt like pleasuring myself, with unexpected consequences. In short, yes it was satisfying and yes, it made me feel better about myself. It followed a familiar pattern, though. I pleasured myself using both sides, with as result that my male side is even more useless now that it's covered with open wounds. One female orgasm. My female side was even more receptive and felt much better, there is still a huge blockage preventing me from fully enjoying it, but it nevertheless felt good. Two female orgasms. The skin covering my female side hurts afterwards, though.

Afterwards I was lying there, realizing how much of a fool I've been, letting people brainwash me. I am a hermaphrodite girl, I have got a vagina. I will make them admit this, no matter what the cost. In a moment I'll be going to arrange me getting a new GP as I don't like my new one. I'll also be looking again for ways to get publicity for my situation. I'd appreciate your help with it very much :)

This nonsense has to stop right here and right now. If I'm going down it'll be fighting, not shivering and trembling in a dark corner like a frightened child.



LMX said...

Good girl.

One thing I can never get used to is women talking about orgasms. It totally weirds me out for some reason.

LMX said...

(Actually now that I think about it, the same things applies to men)

Maya Posch said...

Shall I inform you about my hourly record next? :P


(I don't mind talk about it because I know I'll win any competition ;) )

Alianirlian said...

Great to see you've got this realisation - you are what you are, and you *know* what you are - it would just be good if others in the medical field could acknowledge it. Things aren't always black and white, and you're in the middle: a beautiful shade of grey.

Sorry for not responding to your MSN hail, yesterday.. I saw it when I was about ready to turn in :)


LMX said...

An orgasm.. competition..

Thanks for the mental image there. It'll take a Spongebob Squarepants marathon to erase it. ;)

Adriana said...

Discovery Channel. I just saw a documentary about chimerism and thought about you and how they might be interested in your case. *shrug* Can't hurt to send them an e-mail I think.

Maya Posch said...

Adriana: could you give me some more information? What is the name of the show? A quick look at the Discovery site doesn't reveal anything.

Thank you.

Adriana said...

I'll need to find out a little more on that one. I saw it in Spanish so the titles might change but I'll still look into it. The documentary itself didn't look too recent though but I'll still try to find it for you.