Friday, 31 October 2008

Two Steps Forward~

This week has been quite eventful so far. On Wednesday I began to feel a severe pain in the lower-right part of my abdomen, along with a headache. Aside from the pain which persisted whether I was standing, sitting or lying down it hurt even more when I had to go to the bathroom. I had been feeling nauseous a few times each day by then already. That Wednesday I also had a talk with a girl via MSN which kind of upset me, resulting in me leaving the house and walking for 1.5 hours.

The next morning I felt really sore, my entire lower abdominal area hurted now and I began to develop a mild fever, up 0.5C from normal. Nothing serious but still. Thursday I wanted to visit my GP with those symptoms, but they didn't have a spot for me, so I stayed most of the day in bed. By the end of the day I felt somewhat better. Today I didn't feel too bad. My temperature is nearly back to normal, though I still feel quite tired. My abdomen are still somewhat painful and going to the bathroom still hurts. I hope it'll be over soon.

Yesterday I sent an email to a local TV and radio broadcaster, Omroep Flevoland, containing a summary of my current situation with the question of whether they might be interested in using it for a program. Today I got a phone call from them. In short they want to make a program based on my story, both for TV and radio. Next Wednesday they'll be here.

I lost one potential new web development project this week, but I may have gained two more, one short-term, another early next year. We hope to finish our first game early December as well and make a nice profit on it. For the short term I still need to borrow money, though.

That's one reason why I'm visiting my grand parents tomorrow, though it's nice to see them again regardless :) So tomorrow morning I'll be leaving early and be back before dinner time (5-6 PM). It takes 1.5 hour by train. Then Sunday I'll go swimming at the local pool with Pieter again. He's been having some issues with his back again (since last year) and he got a recommendation to go swimming as this'd be very good for building up the strength in his muscles. I'll just be tagging along in other words :P

In other news, I've had a bit of fall-out with the ReactOS project's developers. You can read about it on the developers mailing list archive for this month. In short I proposed introducing a system to allow 'apprentice' programmers to join the project as well as urge people to start writing specifications prior to implementing something, so as to provide documentation for the next person to work on the same thing, among other reasons. Right now I don't feel like working on ReactOS is a good investment of my spare time any more. Trying to get started on the USB stack was a complete wild goose hunt, as the information I needed was everywhere. It'd have taken me a month just to get started on understand how things work internally in Windows/ReactOS. Since none of the previous developers who worked on USB support left any specs or notes, I'd have to redo all of their research. No thanks.

So anyway, I've suspended all my work on the project except for the new installer project, as I've got two apprentice programmers I'm guiding through things and I'd feel like a total bastard if I'd abandon them now. So yeah.



LMX said...

I think you're very brave to take IS and your own situation to the media. If it's a really nice feature, maybe national television will be less hesitant to do so also. You'd have something to show other than some letters. :)

(Isn't something like one in every four thousand people IS? Those are probably Japanese figures from that one manga though)

( oh, and now that I'm bracketing things, would you mind reading my latest entry on my own blog? It's like.. a GIGANTOR geek-out about music and I thought it would be a shame if nobody ever read it. ^_^; )

zakir ahmed said...

hehe at the reactos rant :D ...

btw hope ur doctors standup and pay proper attention after the program ... best of luck :)

Maya Posch said...

Thank you, LMX, Zakir :)

So what is the address of your blog, LMX? Can't seem to find it :P

Adriana said...

I hope the program helps you in your search and that it brings positive attention to it.

As to the ReactOS issue, I can understand that. Something like that happened to my brother, he's a Computer Systems Engineer and in his first job, some really lousy programmers started this software for some Central American organisation. Basically, he was supposed to fix what they sucked at from scratch. Something done in different versions of the same programing software... They couldn't even program something to make charts, instead they just called images. He quit before even bothering with the mess of course. XD

But now I'm talking bullshit. :D I can only do Architecture and Graphic Design. XD

LMX said...

Be forewarned of the crappyness.

Maya Posch said...

Looks like a nice blog, LMX :) I happen to like guitars as well and have renovated a few, but I wouldn't dare to defret one :P

LMX said...

I get that a lot actually. I'm not even that much experienced (as far as guitars are concerned anyway), but I just so happen to know where I'm heading with music in general.

It's.. supposed to not be all about guitars though. The blog, I mean. I resurrected it because I used to have one befor and back then it made it kinda easier for me to passively keep in touch with people I didn't see too often. Except at some point writing in it turned into some kind of addiction. I'm hoping I have matured at least a little bit since those days.