Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I didn't sleep well at all last night and felt very tensed up the entire day, accomplishing relatively little due to feeling heavily distracted and tired.There are a few things I did accomplish, though.

First one was trying to find some activity to do outside my room, some sport or so. Ultimately I ended up deciding for joining up with a fitness/health center. I will take a look at one within walking distance from my home first, called 'Your Health'. Their site gives a good and positive impression. On my way home from the GP on Friday I'll visit it and look/ask around a bit.

My concern with it at this point are the costs. The monthly costs are 16 Euro, 15 Euro membership charge (once), assuming I get a yearly membership. Additional costs are clothing (got little suitable for practicing in, especially in the area of sweat pants or so) and shoes (indoor). I feel that the positive effects of joining this health center would be significant, physically, mentally and socially. I would not want it to financially ruin me, however.

I talked with my mother earlier today, and she offered to bear part of the costs, at least those for the shoes and clothing. If possible I would not want to use her money, though, as she isn't exactly rich either. I have considered asking for donations to cover at least part of the cost until I can fully pay for it myself, but so far I don't exactly feel that people are jumping at the chance to donate to me. Any comments on this idea are welcome, though.

Tomorrow I'll attempt to finish a client's project and do some work on Nyanko's first game. Wish me luck.

I also wrote a scientific paper today, the first draft at least :D



zakir ahmed said...

good luck with your game and first publication ^_^ ..

donations would not be a bad idea , btw why don't you play some games .. like badminton or so :P


Jan said...

Hi Maya, I know, I promised you not to react again but I sincerely want to help you.
I have 3 proposals for you.
First, I am willing to donate 100 euro for your outfit.
Secondly, when you are going to the hospital again it may be possible that Pieter can not get a day off. I think it is not a good idea to go there alone so I am willing to accompany you if you wil.
And third, do you still want those picures taken and didn't you have found someone to do it? I am willing to do it for you.
Sent me an email if you are interested. If I hear nothing I promise you again not to bother you anymore and this time I will keep my promise.

P said...

I still dont really get it.

Why don't you try to get a job instead of working at home and thinking about all your problems all day? Some distraction would be very good I think.

Besides I think that'll solve your money problems since you'll have a steady income..

Either Jan is a very willing person or a perv trying to get of on you.. I don't hope so but you'd better watch out. Lot of dodgy types around..