Friday, 4 June 2010


This morning I woke up with an incredible headache and feeling pretty sick in general. Bright lights got quickly on my list of things to avoid. Yet despite appearances I hadn't had a drop of alcohol the day before, instead I had been exposed to an overdose of medical stuff, thanks to my appointment yesterday at the UMCG. As a matter of fact I haven't had a single drop of alcohol this year yet, and I'm not even sure I had any last year either :)

I went there together with Pieter to talk things through with the psychiatrist of the team there, particularly to see what they could still do for me. My two main points were basically: (a) to get medical recognition for my intersexuality so that I can change my official gender to female, which would make life so much easier for me, and (b) find an explanation for my body and/or some facts about which organs (vagina, prostate) I may or may not have, mostly with an eye on any possibly surgeries and which kinds of cancers and such to watch out for.

Since there is a legal basis for my first request it will definitely be considered. The psychiatrist, Jiawan, will contact my lawyer and discuss the law in question which enables this. As for the second point, they may look at some specifics as well, depending on what the team decides. Best of all is that the psychiatrist not only recognized that my wishes and desires have remained constant since I got there at the UMCG, but also that he recognizes me as being an exception, and thus that standard protocols, including the one for transsexuals, are not that relevant.

I guess it's about as good a result as I could get for now. June 9th the matter will be discussed within the team. I did feel relatively well afterwards, I thought. It was only once we got home and I got to relax that I pretty much collapsed. Before I knew it I was feeling so exhausted that I could barely drag myself to bed where I slept for a while. When I woke up I still had the annoying headache. This morning it was even worse, and it took two strong painkillers to tame it.

Today was still a pretty good day, I guess. I managed to debug the source code for Lilium Milestone 1 (M1) and get it to compile. Once I get the remaining linker issues resolved I can begin testing it and fix the bugs the compiler didn't catch. I'm feeling pretty happy I got this far in just one day, especially considering that the code in question has been written over the span of nearly two years time. I noticed that the code I wrote most recently is of higher quality than what I wrote first as well.

Yesterday I set up a developer forum for the Wild Fox project and got all developers (4, including me) to sign up for it. My hope is that it'll make communication a lot easier. As for the project's status, I have worked together with the Mozilla developer on getting the GStreamer patch integrated into the Mozilla trunk code, which I'll compile next to verify that it works. If it does I can back-port the feature to the Firefox 3.6.3 code, which will then be renamed to Wild Fox 3.6.3, and the usual Alpha, Beta and RC versions will be released prior to the stable release. Hopefully this can be done before Firefox 3.6.4 stable gets released. It would be nice to stay current :)


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