Thursday, 15 July 2010

Miracles Are Bloody Random

I'll be brief: my appointment today at the UMCG hospital wasn't quite the disaster I was expecting, and there'll be no fatalistic predictions from my side this time.

I must admit that I felt quite awful this morning, alright during the trip to Groningen, and downright sick while at the UMCG up till the point where some more details got explained by Weijmar Schultz and his colleague Jiawan. In short it comes down to that they are willing to go along with the first point, that of performing the minor surgery of removing the testes so that I can get that official gender change.

As condition they did state that I'll first have to be able to accept whatever facts turn up on the second point, that of what this hole I can feel down below where a woman has a vagina is. To this purpose an appointment will be scheduled with the urologist who will do what is necessary to try to answer this question and give a proper diagnosis.

In summary, I'll have an appointment with the urologist at the UMCG to investigate this 'hole' which can be felt underneath the skin plus some other issues, there'll be no requirement of talks with any psychiatrist or anything, I'll have the official gender change, and the psychiatrist, Jiawan, will try to find a psychotherapist who knows EMDR nearby my place via his contacts. All in all pretty much what I had wished would have happened last year already.

As a minor point I found somewhat confusing was that Weijmar Schultz claimed that the male body produces 25% of the testosterone in the testes, 50% in the adrenal glands and 25% in other parts. A quick check on Wikipedia ( shows that in fact over 95% of testosterone is produced by the testes and the remainder by the adrenal glands. This is also what I remember from biology classes, so that's why I felt somewhat confounded. I'm not sure why Weijmar Schultz made this glitch, nor do I think it really matters.

I'd like to thank those who sent me messages today and earlier this week to wish me luck at the hospital, including the art student who sent me a text message earlier today :) It really feels nice to know that there are people out there who care.

As for the upcoming days, tomorrow I hope to spent some time working out details on a new, smaller game Trevor and I will be working on as we put ECD on hold. The idea is to release multiple smaller games over the coming months and give ECD some more time to mature, so that it can become the game we want it to be, instead of having to rush it to the finish just to earn some cash. If you have any ideas for relatively simple (2.5/3D) games you'd like to see and actually would spent a few Euro on, let me know. We're always looking for good ideas :)

Next week I'll be home alone again for a few days as Pieter has to go to Italy again for his work. He so loves it that he can enjoy the heat there while it's somewhat less warm here. Oh, and the meeting room there in Italy is his personal favourite. He just loves the sweltering atmosphere :D

*sticks tongue out at Pieter* :P

So yeah... basically I'll try to pick up the pace on my work again the coming time and try to leave this medical stuff behind me for a while again.



Anonymous said...

I'm very glad for you it went so well at the hospital.
Hopefully you will at last some answers.

Maya Posch said...

Thank you :)