Monday, 18 May 2015

Achievement unlocked: first pregnancy test

Today was the Big Day: seeing my gynaecologist about the current abdominal troubles I'm having. While feeling relatively nervous about it, for some reason I didn't feel too worried. I killed some time in the waiting room by browsing around on my smartphone while the room filled up with more people. I was second in line, being shown to the gynaecologist's room and off things went. I was pleased to noticed that the gynaecologist still remembered that I prefer to discuss such things in English, which made it much easier for me to describe everything that had happened between the last time I had seen im half-way last year and today.

I told him about the increasing abdominal pains, the distended abdomen, the numbness in my right leg, and ultimately the dark vertical line on my lower abdomen. To my relief he didn't dismiss any of it, instead trying to come up with ways to figure out what is going on. It appeared that he was as intrigued and mystified by the going-ons as I am. After going the symptoms a number of times, he suggested that I should have an MRI scan of the lower abdomen and the genitals/reproductive organs, with the instructions to the radiologist making it clear that there's uncertainty about the exact composition of my internal layout with regard to these organs.

He also wanted to perform a wide array of tests on my blood, one of which would actually test for indicators of pregnancy. Others would check for inflammation factors, specific hormone levels and general organ function. For this I will have to come back early tomorrow to have the blood taken, with the results known by Thursday.

After all this, the gynaecologist also wanted to see the dark line on my abdomen. While I was still lifting up my shirt to expose my abdomen he already indicated that he had seen enough. Apparently it was even more obvious for someone who sees this symptom of pregnancies on a pretty much daily basis. In a sense I am glad that I developed this symptom shortly (as far as I know...) before today's appointment, as it lends my story just that much more weight.

Finally, the gynaecologist also suggested sampling the bacteria in my vagina because of the feeling of inflammation and general pain I had reported there. Sadly I had to correct him here, since my vagina is still closed off, despite last year's attempt at having it surgically restored. Having a reconstructed vagina would have made a lot of things for me easier at this point. Unfortunately it's too late for that now.

After the appointment one of the assistants made an appointment for me at an MRI centre here in the city. Sadly that will take until about half-way next month, so a brief month that I'll still have to pull through.

Today the main symptoms are cramps in the lower abdomen, a feeling of being incredibly full as if I just had a seven-course dinner, even during the day with my only food at that point consisting out of two crackers I had for breakfast. A slight feeling of nausea also persists, accompanied by a mild headache, exhaustion and general lack of focus. As I write this, my food intake for the entire consists out of two crackers, two pieces of chocolate, one regular-sized plate of dinner, chocolate milk and a cookie. I'm feeling so stuffed that I'm afraid that if I push on my abdomen it'll acid reflux on me. The temptation to forego eating completely is quite strong.

I honestly do not really remember any more what it feels like to not have a body that feels filled with pain as well as bloated like an over-inflated balloon. I hope that the blood tests will give some results at least, because waiting a month for that MRI scan is going to be a tall order at this rate.

I'm still going to freak out if the test results show that I am in fact pregnant.


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