Friday, 29 April 2016

Getting used to the idea of others helping me

Yesterday I had another appointment with the endocrinologist and the gynaecologist. We covered the curious nature of these monthly symptoms which my body exhibits, especially the numbness in my right leg. We also discussed the reconstructive surgery: here they want to wait until a congress which takes place in October regarding such surgeries before they decide on a surgeon there.

Finally I'm also being referred to another specialist who can help me with the neurological (numbness) issues, as well as the other symptoms and the PTSD. This specialist is also needed to give the go-ahead for any surgery. Whereas a surgery for a transsexual person requires two specialists, this type of reconstructive surgery I seek requires just one, in order to get coverage by my health insurance.

This last appointment marks the continued shift from the high-level drama I had found myself trapped in for more than a decade, as suddenly things have become significantly less exciting and infinitely more helpful. With the way things are heading I should have clarity on the surgery and possibly the surgery itself already by the end of this year, or early next year.

It's almost boring, really, but in a good way.

A lot more exciting, not to mention upsetting, is the matter which I talked about in my previous post. Specially the company which owns the apartment I rent refusing to fix issues I have addressed, and currently threatening to send a lawyer after me for not paying 100% of the rent. Their reasoning is that all issues have been fixed for a long time, that having brown water from the faucet is normal and that I should pay them nearly 2,000 Euro.

Even though I have the law on my side and there's little chance of me actually having to cough up this amount, the negatives are that of being harassed by the building's owner, the apartment being poorly insulated with rusty water and other issues, and the noise issues which keep triggering my traumas. In short, I really need to find a new place, fast.

What I am looking for in a new place is a house, quiet enough for someone like me with hypersensitivity to sound. This means no neighbours above or below me, and no other sources of noise. A place with at least about 80 square meters of space, for at most a thousand Euro a month (total). Around Karlsruhe would be great, but further away is fine too, as long as high-speed internet is an option.

I have been fortunate to have an outpouring of support from people, including colleagues, after I posted my previous blog post. So many people have been offering me advice and direct support. At this point I'm not feeling too worried about the lawyer part if I do get a legal case thrown at me. I'm less certain about the 'new place' part, however.

The unfortunate fact is simply that there's a massive shortage of rental homes in Karlsruhe, and all the good ones rarely if ever appear on the usual listing sites. For this reason I have to rely pretty much exclusively on my contacts and their contacts.

I hope to find a new place and get settled before I have surgery at least. I do not want to still be in this apartment by the beginning of year, possibly trying to heal up from intensive surgery while having trouble to stay warm as during the past winters, not to mention feeling agitated by the ticking heating system and hearing people walk, urinate and defecate the entire day unless I wear headphones or earplugs.

At this point it appears that the medical part is becoming a lot less exciting and may rapidly be heading towards an at least somewhat happy conclusion. For the legal matter lawyers can be arranged. Maybe finding a house to rent will be the hardest thing of all.

Only thing which worries me about the medical part is why this month my right leg has stayed so incredibly numb and painful for so long. Usually it's only a day or two, this month it's already been a week. Somewhat appears to be pressing on the central nerve bundle for the leg again. I hope it'll go away again on its own for a while like before. If not, I'll have something new to worry about.

Clearly I'm at no risk of suffering boredom just yet.


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