Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I guess this means that I have to find a new place really soon

Since I moved into my current apartment I have paid 80 Euros less than the original rent after discovering lots of issues initially. As many of them slowly got fixed (replaced broken fuses, wiring, outlets, switches, floor, doors, etc.) I kept finding more issues (increasingly serious rust issue in the tap water, very noisy heating system, holes in the walls straight to the outside, etc.).

Many serious issues like the rust and noise issues still haven't been resolved, despite me regularly asking them to do so. They sent people along a few times to 'look at installing a water filter' and such, but nothing has changed since the two years that I first told them about it. On the bright side last month they finally patched up some of the holes with some silicon so I don't have to use scotch tape any more.

Then today I received a letter from the landlady, warning me to immediately pay that 80 Euro times 22 months or face legal action. There was no previous warning of this. In total that means close to 2,000 Euro I'd have to pay up even though the owner of the place has made little effort to fix issues. Maybe they shower in rusty-brown water at home, too, and are happy sleeping with earplugs in to shut out noises like neighbours walking and peeing.

I am however not okay with such a situation. I do not feel that I should be paying this amount. German law to my knowledge sides with me on this. Yet regardless it means that my relationship with the owner of this apartment has soured to the point where the only sensible thing I can do is to move out of here as soon as humanly possible.

Fortunately I may have an option here. Unfortunately it means a lot of additional stress very suddenly while I'm also dealing with my medical situation. For the latter I have the next appointment on Thursday where I should hear whether there's news on a possible surgery and such. Combining a job, an angry landlady, the organisation of moving to a new place, medical appointments and a possible surgery, and possibly a fresh legal case is definitely more than I have energy to deal with at this point.

Suffice it to say that my PTSD is having a field day with this and I'm feeling incredibly threatened and suicidal.

I don't feel safe. I don't feel like I can trust people. I fear more pain and suffering. I have little hope for it working out okay.

I'm hoping that I can at least get a little bit of help with this situation :(



Doris-Maria Heilmann said...

Hello Maya,

get a lawyer for this - there are for sure pro bono anwaelte, that are paid by the Behoerde. (Bringe unbedingt alle Schreiben und Bilder von den Maengeln zum Termin mit).


Versuche einen Socialarbeiter zu finden, der Dir vielleicht sogar Tips fuer guenstige Apartments. Sobald Du etwas gefunden hast, beantrage sofort WOHNGELD ! Das steht jedem zu!

Vielleicht kann Dir Dein Arzt auch fuer kurze Zeit ein paar Pillen verschreiben, damit Du den Stress besser ueberstehst.

Alles Gute - Du wirst es schaffen, nimm Dir unbedingt die Hilfe die Dir der Staat bietet.


Maya Posch said...

@Doris-Maria: I ended up hiring a lawyer, though I'm paying for it myself. I hope that I can win the case so that I won't end up paying more in lawyer costs than just coughing up the full rent would have cost.

Thanks for your help, though :)