Saturday, 2 April 2016

Living in a sex-crazed world

Among humans there is the strong and wistful belief that we are different from and better than the other animals around us. This belief includes the assumption that we are in control of our animalistic urges and desires, and are able to apply logic and reason instead to our actions. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of eating when we are hungry, supplying our bodies with the essential nutrients and calories it needs, and ensuring that we get sufficient exercise, we instead tend to eat too much, of the wrong types of food and seem to lack any kind of awareness of how we harm our bodies.

Instead of applying reason and logic to our interactions with fellow human beings, we are less members of a civilised society and more merely tribes of chimpanzees, screaming at 'the others', throwing rocks at them and plundering, pillaging and raping other tribes whenever we get the opportunity.

Instead of realising that sexuality is still an unfortunate remnant of our animal origins and adapt it into society in a way which lets us perpetuate our tragically mortal species - yet not disturb society's civilised fabric - we instead opt to let it control our behaviour and society in a way which makes us seem like raving lunatics.

All of this lunatic behaviour is displayed grotesquely throughout our cities, on our broadcasts and consumed with abundance by the populace. From food which may as well be poison, to the obese rich and starving poor, to endless conflict, to the selling of one's body and a complete obsession with sex. It is by any measurement a hedonistic society, through and through.

While some would go on to blame certain types of government, economical systems and what not, there is only one factor in all of this which deserves the full focus of every shred of blame. This being humans themselves. Our disgustingly gorged and profusely malodorous overestimation of our own self-worth makes it utterly impossible for us to perceive our own lack of humanity.

We're a society of base animals. Any accomplishments we greedily attribute to humanity and its wondrous nature are in fact accomplished by the few who manage to rise above their animalistic nature.

Seeing humanity in its naked form is frankly revulsing. Its buildings and other structures are filled with the groans, screams and other exclamations by rutting and fighting individuals. Whatever sense of beauty may arise out of its dark, festering pools is quickly obscured by the stark despair of humanity's endless enmity, strife and pursuit of base urges.

This, however, is apparently the best we will have for a long time to come.



Ravi D. Simaria said...

super like

BearinOz said...

" This, however, is apparently the best we will have for a long time to come."
Hmmm....this was the only bit I take issue with - 'cause I DON'T think it will be a LONG time at all. Looking around the world at conflict, nationalism, racism and homophobia; mining, fracking and industrial pollution; dying reef systems and mass species extinctions.....and over 7 BILLION of this particular rodent-like primate responsible for a considerable chunk of all that, I'd say it won't be all that long at all !
Dave Pritchard
[ this will show up as my daughter's account, I suspect ]