Monday, 11 April 2016

When I do not write depressing posts

While reading my blog over the past months one may get the impression that I mostly sit about, feeling sorry for myself. That's however just a small part of what I do. I also happen to partake in more productive pursuits.

My current projects involve game development, learning to better use tools like 3DS Max and Substance Painter, as well as Unreal Engine 4. My goals there include creating games together with my best friend, Trevor, and to publish these for PC. I'm also working on a number of visual novel games, which is an interesting form between writing a story and creating a pure game.

Beyond game development I'm working on setting up a new YouTube channel with accompanying blog, called NyanTronics. This will feature my electronics and software projects, as well as other, related themes. These projects involve things like custom (FPGA) boards I'm working on, the processor I'm developing in VHDL [1], as well as the WildFox browser project [2] I'm currently in the process of restarting with a brand-new rendering engine and user-interface.

For this YouTube channel I'll have to delve deep into the dark arts of video editing and voice overs. A benefit here is that I have plentiful of experience with encoding video owing to my days of creating anime fansub videos. It'll be interesting to revisit all of this.

In addition to this I have a number of top-secret projects involving robotics which I will not spill any details on just yet.

Having a larger, quieter place to live, work and do the recording for these videos in would be awesome, but I'll have to live with what I have got at the moment, I guess.

At least things won't be boring any time soon.



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