Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Questionable health

For the past years it seems like my health has been degrading slowly. Even though some (monthly) symptoms had been there already before, it's only been for the past three years or so that more serious symptoms like numbness in the right leg and severe abdominal pain have become a common thing.

Today I stayed sick at home, partially due to what feels like a cold with coughing, dull headache and wobbly legs, but also because my abdomen feel distended and sore, along with occasional agonising pain in said abdomen as well as in my right side.

After the most recent experimentation with hormones the start of my monthly cycle appears to be now around the 15th of the month (when I restarted the estradiol therapy for a month, not so coincidentally). It's right on time, with other words. Beyond abdominal pain I'm also feeling a lot of nausea since yesterday, along with a dull headache. All very typical, I guess.

Sadly it looks like it'll be months at least before there can be a chance of me not being a medical experiment any more. With the reconstructive surgery it should become a lot easier to get an idea of what is happening with my body each month. Maybe then one can finally come to a conclusion on endometriosis and possible treatments. What I am going through each month is still pretty extreme, and not getting better (especially when not provoking it with an overdose of estradiol).

I'll have to see how I'll feel tomorrow. At the moment I'm not really sure what to do with myself, between feeling exhausted, in pain and incredibly nauseous. Just got to hang in there, I guess. As usual.



Sheila Nagig said...

With the swelling and tenderness it almost sounds like there's something inflamed in there. Hopefully the endometriosis results give them something to go on to perhaps get some relief for your symptoms and improve your quality of life a little bit.

Maya Posch said...

@Sheila: in the end the 'endometriosis' thing didn't really help me a lot, but I am seeing a neurologist soon for the increasing numbness and pain on the right side of my body. Let's hope that it's indeed all related and they can fix it in one go :)