Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mashed Up Mash-Up~

Welcome to the odd world called 'human physiology'. Last Monday I went to the local hospital to see a lung doctor, who quickly determined that what I've been suffering from for the past months is a sinus infection, which explains the headaches, excess slime in especially my throat and a general feeling of being miserable. No, he didn't give me anything against it yet. He referred me to another doctor (a throat, nose, ear doctor, or KNO as they call it here), who I'll be visiting today.

Now, yesterday I spent most of the day lying on bed and feeling absolutely miserable. When Pieter came home, he had me take one of his prescription painkillers after dinner and the results were downright amazing. The headache kind of vanished and still is just a distant feeling (one pill works for about 10-12 hours), my head felt much more clear, I just started laughing at silly things and I've slept without any interruptions for the first time in weeks, waking up actually feeling refreshed. Also, while I'm still depressed at this point, I feel that I can actually deal with it, that it doesn't have to control me.

To think that such a silly infection has worsened my situation for the past months without anyone realizing it. I really hope that the doctor will give me something good against this infection today, as I can't exactly go on borrowing Pieter's painkillers *grin*

So yeah... I met this nice guy (let's call him 'R' for now) who lives over an hour away from me and who cares about my troubles, giving me web development work and has even called to the German clinic and the VUMC last week for me.

Last week I got an email from the VUMC, particularly Ms Janssen of the complaint commission, who informed me that they still hadn't received the MRI images from Germany. According to R it can take weeks for mail between Germany and the Netherlands to arrive, and he arranged that if by Wednesday this week they would not have received the images, he'd drive to Germany to pick up the images himself. Such a nice guy :)

Anyway, Monday this week I got an email from Ms Janssen informing me that they had received the MRI images and that they had been sent to the radiologist with an 'urgent' notice attached to it. Let's see whether they can analyse the images within 2 weeks this time. And please let it be the right images... it's getting more than just annoying at this point, turning into a perfect example of Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Just splendid.

Less nice is that I met this nice girl a short while ago with whom I had some really nice talks, with a lot of chemistry happening between the two of us. Now last Monday she was supposed to come and visit me. I talked with her for the last time around 5 PM when she was still at school, she was supposed to arrive here around 8 PM, but by 11 PM she still hadn't arrived. Now it's Thursday and there's no trace from her. She didn't call or message me, she doesn't appear to have been online since Monday and me being stupid I didn't ask her for her phone number. All I got is her address, which may or may not be correct. It was at least misspelled when she gave it to me.

If anyone from Groningen (the city) reads this, and might be willing to look at this issue, perhaps drop by the address, or knows who lives there, please contact me. I know that meeting people via the internet is an unreliable way to gain contacts and people can suddenly vanish (been there, experienced it all), but in this case I'm feeling rather uneasy about it.

So yeah, lots of stuff happening. I've found myself toying with the idea of participating in RoboCup 2009 in Austria next year. If my AI works out the way I think it will and I can come up with the resources to build 2 to 4 bodies, I might just participate. Alternatively there's the Simulation RoboCup, which involves 3D models instead of real robots. It's fun stuff to work on at any rate :)


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