Friday, 29 August 2008


I'll keep this one brief as it's 10.45 PM right now and my train departs tomorrow at 7.38 AM. I'll be visiting friend R. Originally I was also going to visit another friend who lives nearby as well, but she suddenly had to go somewhere. I noticed yet again that such a cancellation has a profound negative effect on my mood.

So yeah... I went to the KNO doctor yesterday, he didn't see any symptoms of a sinus infection, so he scheduled me for an X-ray next Tuesday. I was supposed to see him again on September 11th, yet then something unexpected happened.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Erasmus MC. With both Pieter and I expecting it to be little more than just a left-over from the mess with the MRI analysis there, I opened it and saw in the subject line 'MRI', reading it again, my brain registered the word 'appointment' and after reading it and the letter a few more times, I realized that it was for an appointment for an MRI scan on September 11th at the Erasmus MC. To say that we felt surprised would be a serious understatement.

So finally, the KNO doctor didn't want to prescribe me anything to help with the serious headaches I'm suffering from, leaving me only with the painkillers from Pieter, which aren't really meant against headache, but do help against inflammation. The appointment with the KNO doctor is on the 18th now.

Pieter was also going to call a surgeon in Hilversum today, but forgot about it in the heat of battle (troubleshooting). Ah well. I really need to go to bed now. Tomorrow I've got about an hour to prepare everything, from breakfast, to putting some music on the MP3 player, brushing teeth and putting on makeup and... well, I'll be back late on Saturday so don't expect an update until Sunday.

Also, it's now less than a week to my birthday...


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