Wednesday, 5 November 2008

TV Debut~

Well, aside from me working a lot not much happened since my previous blog post. Other than me sending an email on Thursday to a local TV channel (Omroep Flevoland), with a description of my story and whether they might be interested in it. The next day I got a phone call from them, during which they told me that they were interested and I got an appointment for an interview this Wednesday.

On Saturday I went to visit my grand parents. It was quite fun to talk with them again since I hadn't seen them since early this year (January). I helped them with their PC a bit and I got some food from their own garden to take home with me. I also borrowed some more money from them, to bridge the gap until I get some income.

On Sunday I went swimming with Pieter at the local pool again. He got it recommended as it'd be good for his back to swim once a week or so. Meaning that I get to tag along :D Afterwards we had some french fries at a local fast food place. Definitely a fun day.

Less fun was that on Saturday night I got another... hysteria or so attack. I had an headache after returning home which worsened until I felt like I was about to get a migraine, so I went to lie down in my bed for a bit in the dark. The moment my head touched the pillow I started crying which worsened into me trying to hurt myself, which I thankfully recognized and managed to prevent this time. Pieter once again came to see what was going on and comforted me afterwards.

It's interesting for that to happen since on the other hand I feel more and more distant to pretty much anything related to emotional things. I don't care much for relations, sexuality, friendship and such any more, yet I can laugh much more at jokes, enjoy a good movie lots more and am much more free in my actions than before, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, today I had the interview. It was kind of fun and went well in my opinion. The broadcast will take place tomorrow (Thursday) on TV after 5.30 PM and radio after 5 PM. A full schedule can be found at where one can also look up old broadcasts and view them again. Since it's in Dutch I'll try to obtain a copy of the video soon, subtitle and upload it to YouTube so that I can display it here on my blog as well.

On Friday or Saturday I'll also put up advertisements for my PC repair and web development activities here in Almere. Hopefully this'll generate some short-term income.



LMX said...

You should ask the.. uh, omroep for a copy too. If only to send to another broadcasting station. Friends of mine helped out during the making of a documentary on Norway, and they received DVD's of the broadcast. They always keep records.

I don't know you well but.. wow, I'm proud to know you. You have a lot of guts.

LMX said...

I just saw the tv broadcast. Congratulations on your television debut! It got online pretty quickly. The broadcast felt a little on the short side, but I think it was long enough for people to get the right, general idea. I hope this video will help level out the playing field a bit, or at the very least give you that break that's been so long overdue.

You are very kind by the way. I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn't feel compassionate about your situation after seeing that.

Maya Posch said...

Thank you, LMX :)

The direct link to the broadcast is BTW.

I tried to download the video from that link, but without success :( I think I'll email them tomorrow to ask them whether I can get a copy of the video so that I can subtitle it for those who don't know Dutch (quite a few, I think :P ).

zakir ahmed said...

.. hey count me in for the subtitled video :) ... /me waits anxiously :d