Saturday, 8 November 2008

My TV Debut

Here is the video, as promised :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Maya,
I'm Maria, I'm 24 years old, and I'm writing you from Italy.
You're story is very difficult, but every person in a particular moment of their life must find inside who he/she is.
I think that you can be what you think to be, what you feel.
if you are looking for a friend, I'm here.
I have a space on Facebook "Maria Rabolli", if you want you can write me there.
I hope that you continue to believe in yourself, and to not are afraid because you feel yourself different: every people are different!
I'm waiting for your answer.

Maria Rabolli

Giada said...

hello Maya, very compliments for your energy! I do not have your problem but I would be indeed happy of being able to be your friend. in the life it is a lot important to be able to speak with the persons! an embrace!
PS. sorry for my bad english language!!!!!

Lucia said...

Hallo Maya,
me too I'm writing you from Italy.
I'm an astrologer and I'would like examine your natal chart.
Maybe Astrology can help you.
I need your birthdate,your birthtime and your birthplace.
If you want, I can give you my private e mail address.
With my compliments for your courage and my wishes for your life.
I tank you.

Maya Posch said...

Hi Maria, I don't have Facebook anymore, but thanks for your kind message :)

@giada - I'd gladly have you as a friend :)

@lucia - unfortunately I don't know my birth time :(

Simone Marini said...

Hi Maya.

This is the only way I have to help you:


I read many posts from your blog today. I noticed that despite your very unusual condition, your feelings and your worries are common. Yeah, we're humans, anyway. With human brain and heart. This means that you're not alone :)

PS I'm working on AI, too!

PPS Maria, Giada, Lucia, me... seems there are just Italian commenting this post, that's interesting, isn't?

Maya Posch said...

Hi Simone :)

In what respect are you working on AI? Perhaps we could swap ideas ;)

The reason why there are so many Italians on this blog is because my video got (re-edited) posted on the Italian Yahoo site :D