Monday, 22 March 2010

Change Comes From Within

Today was my appointment with a lawyer regarding the change in my first name. The lawyer was a young woman, who seemed quite friendly and understanding of my situation. As she said repeatedly, she couldn't see me as anything but 'Maya' either, and could definitely imagine why having the official identity I have now would give issues, both practical and emotional. During the appointment Pieter, who accompanied me, suggested that a photo of me should be included with the request sent to the judge. The lawyer thought this was a good idea and thus she'll have a look at my site to pick out a suitable photo. She also requested I would get a letter from my psychotherapist to further reinforce my case.

Even better is that she'll also look into getting my official gender changed, which may be a possibility since with the upcoming law change this will turn into a definite possibility and a judge may be lenient enough to grant such a change in the knowledge that it will soon become possible anyway. I also learned that the total costs of this name change will be around 127 Euro, instead of 308 since the court costs will be partially paid for me as well. The only negative thing about this all is that it's unlikely everything will be settled before the end of this year. Even if things go smoothly it can easily take half a year. I guess I can wait a little longer...

In other news, I have installed Windows 7 Enterprise on my workstation PC last Saturday, and after a long and epic struggle with its many idiosyncracies, I think I got it more or less working as intended. Highlights are the default user interface which was designed by retarded monkeys on crack, the control panel which has been ripped into pieces and shattered throughout the operating system, making it a chore to hunt down where to change a particular setting, and the non-Aero, non-GPU accelerated basic theme performing noticably worse than the GPU-accelerated Aero interface when the GPU is used by an application like Folding@Home's GPU client.

Another change is the realization I had thanks to a remark from Pieter that my work on the new content management system (CMS) for the Nyanko website isn't immediately required now that we have decided to not have our own webshop. Instead I'll be focusing on setting up a temporary website, with the new site based on the CMS won't be needed until a month or two from now. This gives me time to work on putting 3D models and other resources for the ECD game together. I hope to start churning out results within two weeks time. I got the new 3D Studio Max 2010, by the way, and am liking it a lot so far. It's a definite improvement over version 9.

As a final small tidbit, last Sunday I went from taking 50 mg (one tablet) of Cyproterone, which is the testosterone blocker I use with my hormone therapy, every other day to taking 25 mg (half a tablet) a day. This should make its result more balanced and most importantly reduce the strain on my liver which has to process it all. Not that it's much of a strain compared to the 100 mg (two tablets) male to female transsexuals have to take daily to get their testosterone down to a feminine level, though. On a sidenote, having long nails is a godsend when splitting up small tablets :)

I still wouldn't mind having my testicles or whatever they really are removed so that this all won't be necessary any more.


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