Monday, 1 March 2010

Soreness Galore

Today has been a very trying day for me, although mostly on a purely physical level. I must have pushed myself at the swimming pool last Sunday more than I had imagined, as all day today I have been extremely sore. Mostly my upper arms, shoulders, sides and my legs and back a bit as well feel like they got mangled. I have rarely felt this sore.

I got some really nice news today, even if it was expected. The journalist of 'De Telegraaf' who had interviewed me today sent me an email telling me that the magazine in which I'm appearing is ready and will appear on Friday as scheduled. I was asked to send my address to someone else who'd then ensure I'll get a copy or two of it sent to me. It makes me feel somewhat less nervous now that I at least know for sure it'll get published. Now the wait is on to see what kind of effect it will have.

The past weekend and today I have been busy trying to install forum software to allow the rapidly expanding Nyanko development team to communicate. One of my requirements was that it would use a PostgreSQL server as database backend. First up was eGroupWare (eGW), which turned out to be some bugs in its PostgreSQL implementation, causing me to strand during the configuration stage of the installation, as it refused to save the configuration to the database.

Next up was Small Machines Forum (SMF), for which I used the 2.0 RC2 release (Release Candidate 2). This one turned out to have even more serious issues with a PostgreSQL backend, some of which had been introduced in RC2 after it worked perfectly in RC1 if I am to believe the bug reports and forum posts at the SMF site. This left me with two failed installs and as an act of desperation I turned towards phpBB, which I found out to my surprise supports a wide range of SQL database servers, including MSSQL and Sqlite.

PhpBB installation was downright painless. The PostgreSQL GUI-based management tool was very easy to use as well and in total installing phpBB took me about 5 minutes. Configuring it and setting up the forum categories and everything took me a few hours, also because it is meant as a private forum, with no user registration by users themselves, and phpBB needs to have an add-on installed to allow the administrator to add new users. The #phpbb channel on was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction, however. ACP Add User was the right module and was also quite easy to install.

Tomorrow I'll add the other members of the development team, and I hope it'll be a huge improvement over the email communication used so far. It should all be far less disjointed and distant this way. This week we'll see how it works out.

Also tomorrow I'll get a haircut and undergo a hair-removal torture session. I can really see how the latter treatment is having effect at this point. With another six months large parts of my face should be virtually hair-free, which will be a huge relief.

Anyway, it's time to go to bed again. I hope I'll get a good night's sleep.


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