Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A World Full Of Bloat

Let me start off with another one of my infamous movie reviews. This one is about Spiderman, the second movie in particular and the first as collateral. I have to be honest and say that if you care about good movies and maybe even a bit about Spiderman as portrayed in the original comics and/or the cartoon (which I have seen, on a sidenote), you absolutely can not like these movies or even think they're remotely good.

It's been a while since I saw the first movie, so I'll focus on the second, which I saw only last Sunday. Suffice it to say that the only thing holding the entire move together was the 'bad guy': Doc Oc, an unfortunate scientist who made a small miscalculation in his latest invention. His actor was believable, the CGI delicious and made the whole role shine. Unfortunately the rest of the cast had a rather dull cast to them, with very flat characters and poor acting. Where secondary characters brought a bit of life into the movie (like the landlord and his daughter of the place Peter stays at), nothing was done to make things stick. They were like shining diamonds in a whole big pile of dung.

Marie-Jane was a whining, insecure and above all bloody annoying excuse for a woman, leaving me with no reason as to why Peter should even like her. There's no character development there, just a heap of stereotypical teenage angst and popcorn romance mixed together, making for a very sickening combination. I still feel that Doc Oc didn't deserve such a poor movie. Poor guy :(

Moving on, just a quick message to let everyone know that the episode of 'Vrije Vogels' on TV Flevoland is being broadcast today again :) They've apparently been showing a preview for the past few days involving the parts where I brush my hair and the one where I am undressing. Fun, fun. I wonder whether I'll get more than the single response I got last time. Doubt it.

Talking about TV, I caught a news item during lunch today on the decrease of volunteer firemen in the Netherlands. Apparently they encounter a lot of harassment and violence at the scene but also from people who track them down to their homes. Combined with earlier news about something similar happening with ambulance personnel it pretty much leads one to believe that this country is filled with insensitive, anti-social jerks whose only goal in their pitiful existence is to make the lives of others a living hell.

It just underlines again why I feel not a shred of pride for this country I just happened to be born in. There are so many things wrong with this place and its people, and there aren't enough people who care. The politicians don't care, those in high places don't care, the workers don't care. Only apparently a handful of more intelligent people seem to be aware of the moral ruins which form this country's foundations, yet they're powerless to change anything, as nobody listens to them. It's a truly sad state of affairs.

As a related item, there are people in this country who think it's a good idea for the next Soccer World Championships to be organized here in the Netherlands, clearly displaying their complete lack of any clue not to mention an utter absence of intelligence. The organizing group for this WC is the FIFA, which rivals the Olympic Comittee on pure evil-ness. The FIFA sets a number of requirements on any country hosting the WC, including not having to pay taxes, having special roads available to them, having complete control over which company brands are visible in a range of two kilometers around any stadium, which includes things people wear on a shirt or other piece of clothing and the name of a cafe or restaurant including any brand names they may be displaying. If it isn't the script for a tyranny, I don't know what is. Oh, and the FIFA gets to take all the money home, leaving the few scraps for the local population to fight over. It's all so screwed up I'd cry if it didn't make me so angry.

Sometimes it makes me think that a nice, quick world-wide epidemic wouldn't be such a bad thing. We're almost all too complacent and apathic to care about anything beyond what to eat within the next 10 hours and what to watch on TV tonight. Welcome to a brave, bloated new world. Enjoy your extra-fat burger.

Moving on with my personal affairs, I have experienced both good and less good things lately. A lesser thing being pretty much snapping from stress and acting very unusual, including acting very impulsively involving slamming with doors and throwing soft, fluffy things like my bed covers at Pieter when he came to check up on me. One sleeping pill later and I feel better, however. It does show how far the high-water mark on my stress tolerance meter has been exceeded.

Finally, to finish on a high note, last week I got an email from the journalist who did the interview for the Grazia, Lydia van der Weide, involving a new show the BNN TV channel here in the Netherlands wants to do. She asked me whether I would be interested. I said I was so she got them my phone number, leading to a phonecall from BNN last Monday. The show is related to their other show ('Je zal het maar hebben', or 'Imagine having it'), only not so much aimed at diseases and such. Next week I should hear whether I have been picked. Some locations where they want to shoot scenes with me is at the pool, at the beauty salon and at the UMCG hospital next month.


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