Saturday, 25 June 2011

Casting Off This Cursed Body

Today was simply yet another one of those days where everything comes together to remind me of the wrongness of my existence. Or more precisely that of my body. Getting called a liar for merely writing about the facts in my life, and having it rubbed in repeatedly that something like me does not belong in society with my intersexuality, infertility, age and so on, combined with absolutely no updates from Australia for yet another week. So I have a visa. Big deal. My physical location doesn't seem to matter.

My existence doesn't seem to matter.

Forget I even exist.

I'm sorry.




Mr. Harris said...

Hello Maya: I like your Tweets & now following you. I just read your blog post. I hope you feel better. Don't do anything irreversible today.


Maya Posch said...

Hello Mr. Harris :) Don't worry, I won't be doing anything rash. It's just hard to fight back against negative impulses in my weakened emotional state.

Today it's going somewhat better, fortunately, aside from a bad headache. I much prefer a headache over emotional pain, though :)

Anonymous said...

Who called you a liar? They are mean! I'm going to hit them! D:<

Maya Posch said...

Some guy on Twitter who previously had pretended to be a friend and stuff suddenly started raging at me about how I was making everything up. Me being gifted, intersex, having been beaten up by the police and mistreated by physicians, etc. etc.