Monday, 30 September 2013

All My Belongings Destroyed By Psycho, But It's Not a Crime

Today I had contact with my insurance company regarding my legal options as far as the theft of my belongings go. Yesterday I was at the police office where I was informed that despite the psycho ex-housemate having admitted to the police officers present that she had destroyed all of my belongings, this did not count as any kind of criminal offence and never would. As far as my insurance today went, they'd only represent me legally for the damage amount of the belongings I did not use for my company, which counted out much of the more expensive items. Whether I wish to proceed down this path is something I still have to decide upon, or whether there's a better solution.

At any rate it means that I'm out of thousands of Euros worth of equipment, furniture, musical instruments, clothing, etc. Not to mention the irreplaceable information on the hard-disks of some of the computer systems and the gifts which I received over the years. The full list is a grand five pages. It's over 95% of everything I owned at the beginning of this year.

Considering that it took far less damage to have police arrest me in early 2011, brutally beat and humiliate me in addition to solitary confinement for an entire night, it is now quite incomprehensible that virtually all of my belongings getting destroyed including virtually of my company's physical assets gets brushed off by the same police as a 'mere disagreement' between me and this psycho. It defies belief and makes me wish I even more strongly I could already leave the Netherlands. I hate this country so much...

Here's a fairly complete list of everything stolen, some of which I can replace, some of which is gone forever:

  1. Archive shelves (Steel archive shelves)
  2. Business administration (Business data, financial data, proof of purchases, etc.)
  3. Personal administration (proof of purchases, medical files, map of books I read maintained since my youth, etc.)
  4. Computer monitors (2 Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24” LCD monitors)
  5. Computer (Intel Q6600 CPU, 8 GB Corsair RAM, Corsair 550D case, Corsair VX550 PSU, MSI 660 Ti videocard, 80 GB, 250 GB en 750 GB HDDs)
  6. Server (AMD 3800+ (AM2) CPU, 4 GB RAM, CoolerMaster Elite case, Enermax Galaxy 550 Watt PSU, Gigabyte Nvidia 8500 GPU, 320 GB HDD)
  7. Network switch (3Com 26-ports 100 Mbit managed network switch with 2 Gbit uplinks)
  8. Emergency power supply (APC 650 VA Back-UPS UPS)
  9. Emergency power supply (APC 800 VA Back-UPS UPS)
  10. Emergency power supply (Sweex 1.000 VA UPS)
  11. ADSL modem/router (LevelOne modem/router combination with 4-ports switch)
  12. Shelves (Ikea Gorm shelves)
  13. Computer (2006 Apple Mac Mini)
  14. Desk (Ikea Jerker 160x80 cm desk)
  15. Desk (Ikea Galant 160x80 cm bureau)
  16. Whiteboard (80x50 cm whiteboard)
  17. Blackboard (200x100 cm blackboard)
  18. Drawer blocks (2)
  19. Dictionaries (Oxford Concise English dictionary (10th edition), Kodansha Learner's dictionary (jp/en, en/jp), Kodansha Kanji dictionary)
  20. Reference books (The C++ Programming Language (Bjarne Stroustrup), Java, C)
  21. Scanner (Canon LiDE A4 scanner)
  22. Fan (Bestron 1 meter tall fan)
  23. Videocards (GTX275, GT8800 Ultra, 8800GX2, 8800 GTS 320)
  24. Computer (Intel Q6600 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 Watt PSU, Antec 300 mid-tower case)
  25. Computer (Intel Celeron 400, 1 GB RAM, compact case)
  26. Computer (AMD X2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Aopen case)
  27. Computer (AMD X2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, server case)
  28. Office chairs (2)
  29. Smartphone (Huawei U8850 Vision Android smartphone)
  30. Headset (Corsair HS1A Gaming headset, analogue)
  31. Headphones (AKG K-77)
  32. Speakers (Logitech 5.1 speaker set)
  33. Keyboard (Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000)
  34. Muis (Logitech LS1 laser mouse)
  35. Drawing tablet (Wacom Bamboo A5 tekentablet)
  36. Desk pads (Desk pad with English world map (received as a child), desk pad, pink with cat)
  37. External HDD (Samsung Story Station Plus 1.5TB, USB3.0)
  38. External soundcard (Terratec Aureon Dual USB Soundcard)
  39. Cables (Boxes with power supply, network and other computer cables)
  40. Expansion cards (various audio, network, video, etc. expansion cards for PCI, AGP, PCIe computers)
  41. Photo camera (Canon PowerShot A550)

  1. Nintendo 64 (blue/white transparent, two controllers, some games (Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon Snap, etc.))
  2. Nintendo 64 (grey version, 1 controller)
  3. Super Nintendo (grey SNES, two controllers, Nintendo Yoshi's Island game)
  4. Nintendo DSi (pink DSi handheld with Hello Kitty pink/white bag and flashcard)

  1. Bed
  2. Wardrobe (Ikea Dombås)
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Drawers (Ikea Kullen drawers)
  5. Clothing (jeans, tops, underwear, dresses, etc.)
  6. Jackets & coats (summer jacket, trench coat, sport jacket and winter coat)
  7. Boots (Gabor high boots, other boots)
  8. Sandals (2 pair)
  9. Alarm clock
  10. Shoulder bag (Kipling)

Living room
  1. Sofa (three-seater)
  2. Book shelves (2 Ikea Billy book shelves)
  3. Shelves (self-made)
  4. Dinner table (2x1 meter)
  5. Dinner table chairs (4)
  6. Halogeen standing lights (2)
  7. Chair (Ikea Poäng chair)

  1. Cupboard (Ikea Lillången, 194x30x38 cm)
  2. Shelves (Ikea Molger stellingkast, 140x37x37 cm)
  3. Laundry dryer (Miele)

  1. Microwave (Samsung GE82VSS)
  2. Garbage bins
  3. Water boiler
  4. Toaster
  5. Scale (retro mechanical)
  6. Rack (Ikea Omar steel rack, 184x92x36)
  7. Dishes, cups, etc.
  8. Cutlery Serving tray
  9. Pans

  1. Soldering station
  2. Multimeter (Voltcraft multimeter (auto-ranging))
  3. Multimeter (Voltcraft multimeter (manual))
  4. Storage solutions (storage solutions for a desk with small trays. Filled with electronics parts)
  5. Parts (boxes with broken power supplies etc. for parts)

Musical instruments

  1. Electric guitar (Squier Strat)
  2. Amplifier (10 Watt Squier)
  3. Acoustic guitar (Spanish)
  4. Lectern (metal, black)
  5. Violins (2, one from 1940s, other modern)

  1. Wheel of Time (6 parts)
  2. Discworld (~12 parts)
  3. Shakespeare, collected works
  4. Atlases (4)
  5. Dictionaries, other fiction and non-fiction works

  1. Backpack
  2. Suitcase (American Traveler medium suitcase, blue)
  3. Bicycle (sport model, 6 gears)

  1. Hammer drill (Bosch)
  2. Toolbox (large, plastic, filled with screwdrivers, hammers, etc.)
  3. Battery-powered drill (Black & Decker)

  1. Nintendo plastic turtle (plastic turtle figure by Nintendo. From 1980, received from Canadian friend)
  2. Various plushies (most received from friends or as a child. Hello Kitty, hare, bear, etc. Also Canadian Mounty with horse)
  3. CDs (various music & data)
  4. Ring (ring with precious stones from inheritance)
  5. Lego (4 moving boxes full, including Technic, trains, etc.).



Venture said...

If I dare use this word on the internet...inconceivable.

How is destruction of property not a crime?

Have the police verified that the stuff was destroyed, as opposed to e.g. sold off or stashed in an undisclosed storage facility?

a_g said...


Maya Posch said...

@Venture - The police didn't bother to investigate anything. They just took the psycho's statement that everything had been destroyed and pinned it down on the spot as a civil issue.

That it's stashed somewhere is not impossible, considering that this psycho habitually lies. To me and those with me she said that it had been 'stored somewhere', but wouldn't say where.

I'm powerless to do anything here, though =/

Venture said...

"Well, it's good to see they're continuing the fine tradition of hiring from the shallow end of the gene pool." - A. Bester

Jason Speechley said...

Maya I do know how you feel. I everything I owned about 15 years ago when I moved to Wollongong. But with the exception of the sentimental stuff and business records, it can all be replaced.

You can't, so please stay safe.

However this will now mean that when you relocate to Germany, you'll have a new home in a new country filled with all new stuff.

SmellyCat said...

This is a such a bizarre story. From the police point of view, they would take such a little interest. I hate to say this, but civil court may be the only answer. Get your stuff back.....! (I agree with a_g)

From a personal point of view, this person has challenged your patience and endurance. It underlies the importance of your decision to move to Germany.

Best wishes.